“90% Chance Trump Will Take Military Action”, Master Okawa Says

The whole world is watching North Korea. Two missiles were launched over Japan followed by threats to sink the archipelago. No one can deny that Japan is the victim of a crisis.

All the Abe government has been doing, however, is to rely on the U.S. for defense. On top of that, they are trying to lengthen their time in office by calling another special election. The most bizarre thing is that the primary debate is about social welfare, not national defense.

Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture on the 24th of September at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan entitled “A Lecture on ‘Protecting Your Own Country'”. He pointed out the problematic decisions made by the Abe administration.


LDP Dissolves House to Avoid Facing North Korean Emergency

Master Okawa commented on the dangers inherent in dissolving the Lower House at such a critical time.

Prime Minister Abe probably thinks the U.S. will not go through with military action until after the proposed voting day. Trump is due to visit China, South Korea and Japan in November, and Abe assumes that Trump will use that opportunity to plan post-strike manoeuvres before taking military action.

Master Okawa, however, said that “the leaders of North Korea and America have begun a war of words. The content reveals that some sort of action is very close to taking place”.

“There is a 90% chance that Trump will take military action in a matter of time,” he added. “He must hurry [considering North Korea’s ambitions for another hydrogen bomb test] . . . neither of them will wait for Japan to finish elections. It begins when it begins.”

With regards to war strategy, the best time to strike is when even your allies are not expecting it. Trump may not forewarn his allies, and Abe must make defense decisions based on this understanding.

What will the national defense forces do if Trump strikes North Korea while Prime Minister Abe is in election mode? What if masses of refugees come flooding in from the Korean Peninsula? Japan will be in mayhem. By not debating the issue thoroughly and not making it the central argument of the coming elections, the Japanese government is jeopardising the safety of its people.


“We Can Avoid Having to Fight China”

Master Okawa also criticised the Japanese media for arguing against U.S. military action.

He drew parallels with the WWII appeasement towards Hitler. Despite Hitler’s military expansion and annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakian Sudetenland, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did not take military action. As a result, Nazi Germany succeeded in dominating almost the whole of Continental Europe and killed 6 million Jews.

Trying to resolve our current situation with North Korea through appeasement and talks will only allow North Korea to continue launching missiles that can reach the U.S. mainland and leave South Korea and Japan undefended. It will give Kim Jong-un an opportunity for rampant violence.

Our options are not so bleak, however, as Master Okawa explained. If this problem is skilfully overcome, “it will make it possible to pressure China to come over to the Western side”. If the North Korean regime becomes democratic, it will undeniably affect neighboring China. “If we can bring China over to our [democratic values] side, we can avoid having to fight them.”

Japan’s safety depends largely on how the North Korean crisis turns out.

The media, however, are blindly advocating ‘talks’ at this critical juncture. Politicians can do nothing but be bystanders, or at most, give Trump supportive speeches at the UN. Master Okawa expressed his disappointment at the present state of affairs, saying, “Japan’s sense of good, evil and justice in the eyes of God is too weak”.


HRP Head of Party Ryoko Shaku Speaks

After the lecture, the Head of Party of the Happiness Realization Party, Ryoko Shaku appeared on stage.

In her impassioned address, she outlined her chief aims for the next election campaign: clean and decisive politics, a self-protecting country, lowering the consumption tax to 5%, and making it so the people do not have to fear the J-alert [missile warning]. She expressed her passion to save the country.

In addition to the discussed in this article, Master Okawa’s lecture also covered the following topics:

  • How the right to dissolve the House of Representatives is being used for personal gain
  • The North Korean crisis and its place in world history
  • The faults of the Okinawa Missile Base television program on NHK
  • The Cuba crisis ought to be evaluated
  • His feelings towards the Emperor’s step-down and visit to Koma Shrine
  • The possibility of a coup in North Korea
  • Kim Jong-un’s next moves based on his youth and pride
  • The religious truth behind the Kim dynasty
“90% Chance Trump Will Take Military Action”, Master Okawa Says
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