Master Okawa’s Lecture: Japan Continues Peacetime Politics in a Time of Crisis

As tensions increase with North Korea’s nuclear missile development approaching a stage where they can reach the U.S. mainland, Japan decided to dissolve the Lower House for yet another special election.

Prime Minister Abe dubbed this imprudent decision, “a dissolution to break through a state crisis”; but in reality, chaos has ensued with the opposition Democratic Party being absorbed by the new “Hope Party” led by Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo.

On the 1st of September, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, gave a lecture at Nagoya Shoshinkan. In the lecture, which was entitled “Second Lecture on ‘Protect Your Own Country'”, Master Okawa warned of the dangers awaiting Asia.


Koike’s Absence of Direction and Abe’s Dodging of Questions

“We have come to a stage where we must choose a leader who can guide the state through this time of crisis,” Master Okawa said to open his lecture. “But we can see from news reports that Japan’s politics is in the usual chaos”.

He also commented on Governor Koike and Prime Minister Abe.

“[Koike] has practically no money, no organization, no policy – nothing. She has nothing to feel responsible for . . . That leaves her no right to criticize the protestors at Nagatacho.”
Master Okawa stated that Abe is “trying to dodge questions regarding the involvement of him and his wife [in the Moritomo-Kake scandal] by dissolving the Diet and dubbing it ‘an election to break through state crisis’ ” and “To this I say, ‘Take responsibility for your own problems!’.”


Japan Is Responsible for North Korea Problem

Master Okawa also stated that the North Korea problem is something that Japan created of its own accord.

After WWII, Japan continued to rely on the U.S. for national defense. Japan’s military expenditure was a mere 1% of GDP, compared to 3.3% in the U.S., 1.9% in the U.K. and 2.3% in France. Additionally, the U.S. has nuclear weapons, and the U.K. and France succeeded in nuclear tests in 1952 and 1960 respectively. They also completed development of the hydrogen bomb.

Master Okawa pointed out that Japan’s defense deficiency allowed North Korea to continue nuclear development with ease. “Our country may have harbored a secret desire to make outside countries pursue evil ambitions . . . Japan has long avoided having to think about those things that a highly developed country must think about.”


Choosing a Leader Who Is Humble Before God and Wants to Spread Love

Finally, Master Okawa closed his lecture by warning that the country’s level of faith has been deteriorating: “Humans are souls who have been charged with a mission from God. That is why, be they strong or weak, wealthy or poor, people must not forget the feeling of gratitude and the spirit of repayment for all they have been given.”

That is why we must choose a leader who is humble before God and desires to spread happiness and love to all people. That is the sort of leader who can pull us out of this crisis through sharp insight and charismatic leadership. “At the root of true justice must be love for all people”.


HRP Ryoko Shaku “Clean and Decisive Politics”

Ryoko Shaku, the Head of Party of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), appeared on stage after the lecture.

She introduced a video message from former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui to the HRP. The message spoken in Japanese was as follows:

“I have always affirmed that faith [in God] is indispensable for humanity. My opinion has not wavered a single bit since I was baptized as a Christian in my thirties. To this day, Japan has not had a single leader with true leadership. This is probably because they lacked faith.”

“You [HRP supporters] and I are connected in spirit: in strong conviction, and faith in God. I pray that the HRP may advance further and contribute to the salvation of all people.”

“We thank you very much,” Ryoko Shaku said after the video. “The HRP is the only party in Japan that upholds the conviction and faith that President Lee Teng-hui stressed. We are the only party that can stand up against the dictatorial states that torment their people.”

Shaku rounded off the event with her opinion on the special elections, inviting a flood of applause from the audience:

“Let us protect our country ourselves. We will continue to push for lowering the consumption tax to 5%. Tax reduction is the greatest form of social welfare. And our slogan is ‘clean and decisive politics’. Fellow citizens, let us fight for the future of Japan!”


Master Okawa Points Out Flaws in PM Abe’s Argument

Master Okawa’s lecture contained the following additional topics:

  • Views on Democratic Party representative Seiji Maehara
  • The inherent crisis of Koike’s anti-nuclear energy argument
  • What encouraged Hitler in WWII?
  • Continuing fiscal deficits in democratic states
  • Abe’s absurdity in arguing about tax increases for 2019
  • Problems with PM Abe’s free education policy
Master Okawa’s Lecture: Japan Continues Peacetime Politics in a Time of Crisis
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