We Can Change the World by Loving It
"The Power of Miracles that Change the Era"

On the 13th of March, Master Ryuho Okawa founder of Happy Science gave a public lecture at Marine Messe Fukuoka entitled “The Power of Miracles that Change the Era”. Around 9000 people gathered at the venue, and the 50-minute lecture was also broadcast live via the Happy Science nationwide relay network.

The Happy Science Group has been shedding light on the coming crisis in Japan’s national defense. The Happiness Realization Party was founded in 2009 in reaction to the government’s ineffective measures against a North Korean missile launch.

In this lecture, Master Okawa warned of the increasing threat imposed by China and North Korea.


The Relation Between North Korea and Iran

The recent North Korean hydrogen bomb experiment prompted the U.S. and South Korean armies to conduct large-scale military exercises. Exactly when the military exercises commenced, Iran conducted a ballistic missile experiment.

Master Okawa touched upon this point in his lecture. He mentioned that the spiritual message of Kim Jong-un’s guardian spirit, recorded on the 7th of January straight after his hydrogen bomb experiment, made clear that North Korea and Iran were connected.

He also mentioned that North Korea and Iran’s missile technology was coming from China. He said:


“Unfortunately, just being nice doesn’t constitute effective politics and foreign affairs. This is because there are many others out there that calculate to make things advantageous to themselves.”

In the lecture, Master Okawa uncovered China’s intentions behind their influence on Japan’s campaigns to protect the Constitution and antinuclear energy movements. He also said that, “As a religious leader, I cannot let the whole of Japan be put in danger”, and passionately expressed his deep love for mankind, and arising from that love, his desire for stronger national defense and the need for harmony between religions.


The Happiness Realization Party Acts to Protect Japan

Just before Master Okawa stepped on stage, a discussion was held between 2 representatives from the Happiness Realization Party entitled “Let’s Protect Our Children’s’ Future”. One was Kazue Yoshimi, Fukuoka candidate at the House of Councilors election in September, and the other was Masatoshi Enatsu, chairman of the party policy bureau.

During her 28 years as a primary school teacher, Yoshimi had been teaching a curriculum based on a self-debasing view of history. When she read Master Okawa’s books, however, she realized that all children are the children of God, and each one has infinite potential. After her realization, she based her teaching on ‘good vs. evil’ and how great people lived, which miraculously got rid of all bullying and violence within the school. Yoshimi believes that if we change our education, we can change our country, and said in the discussion that she wants to give all of the children in Japan a fabulous education.

Chairman Enatsu spoke about the importance of national defense in protecting peace in the world and the future of our children. He also advanced that increasing consumption taxes will not help rebuild the country’s finances, saying that financial growth depends on whether or not the nation’s leaders really seek progress from the bottom of their hearts.

He added that the reason for Japan’s economic slowdown was due to the self-debasing view of history, but “we must accept that Japan is a fantastic country, and create a peaceful, sparkling, and plentiful society.

This discussion was followed by an introduction to the candidates for Kyushu, Yamaguchi, and Hiroshima, ending with greetings by party leader Ryoko Shaku. Shaku expressed her gratitude to Happiness Realization Party supporters, and called for even more support from the people saying, “Please see the truthful heart and noble aims of the Happiness Realization Party, now trying to change politics from its very core.”

Additionally, Master Okawa spoke on the following topics in the lecture:

  • The first thing you are asked the moment you return to the other world.
  • The reason why the religion Happy Science is a “Science”.
  • The effects on Japan if Taiwan is annexed by China.
  • Is ‘no nuclear power’ true Justice?
  • The other possible relocation spots for the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma that the Abe administration is thinking of.
  • Why religion is important.

This lecture can be viewed at your local Happy Science Branch.
For more information, please visit http://happy-science.org/

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We Can Change the World by Loving It
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