Another Shooting In The US
The Thing That Is More Important Than Gun Regulations

Gun problems persist in the U.S. On the 25th there were shootings at a lawn care manufacturing company in the Midwestern state of Kansas, killing 3 people and wounding 14 others. It was only 5 days before, on the 20th that 6 people were killed in a shooting at a car rental company in the Midwestern state of Michigan.


An Absurd ‘Gun Society’ of the Developed World

Every year, around 30 thousand Americans are murdered, commit suicide or die in an accident due to gunfire. Gun incident have already killed over 1800 people this year: an absurd number even in the developed world.

Since his inauguration, President Obama has been proposing to strengthen gun laws, but the opposing Republican Party has been rejecting this idea. U.S. pressure groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) also make it difficult to improve gun laws.


Gun Regulation Issue Central To Presidential Election

Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton has stressed the need for gun countermeasures, and Bernie Sanders, while choosing his words carefully, also seeks to reduce gun violence through a ‘well-meant’ gun law.

On the other hand, Republican candidate Donald Trump is against gun control, saying that guns can prevent shooting incidents. Ted Cruz also claims that the individuals’ rights includes the right to use guns, and Marco Rubio states that there is no evidence of gun regulation laws ever having prevented a shooting. They are emphasizing the need to be cautious about gun control.


Why is it so difficult to restrict gun usage in the U.S.?

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science has explained this in a recently published book called “A Modern Theory of Justice”. In it he says:

“Since America’s independence from Britain, they had to fight the Native Americans in their westward expeditions to expand their frontier. They obviously had a right to use guns to protect themselves and their families . . . This is the sort of country America is, so introducing buyer-traceable registrations as a gun regulation law would mean stripping the of their basic freedom. This is why the President has to cry when he speaks against guns.”

Gun regulation laws are getting nowhere despite the continuing shooting incidents, is because the citizens want to protect their freedom and rights. Many citizens are against gun control also because of the increasing dangers of Islam revenge terrorism sprouting from the U.S. intervention in the Middle East.


Religious Teachings Needed To Solve Problems That Are Beyond The Power Of Law

Simply enacting laws, such as gun regulation, would be pointless unless we get rid of the motives behind the usage of guns: the violence will just reappear in another form. A religious teaching that helps people overcome their feelings of hatred and conflict is the only way to solve these ‘gun and violence’ issues from the core.


Another Shooting In The US
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