Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture “The Decision for Your Happiness” (Part 2)
The Celebration of the Lord’s Descent in 2013

On the 6th of July, Happy Science, which has believers in more than 100 countries, commemorated the 57th birthday of Master Ryuho Okawa and celebrated the Lord’s Descent at Pacifico Yokohama national convention hall in Yokohama Prefecture.

On this day, Master Okawa delivered a lecture entitled, “The Decision for Your Happiness.” This speech was broadcast to 3,500 places all around the world via satellite.

The event is one of the two most important festivals of the Happy Science Group, and the lecture, given on this day, is the one of the most significant, together with the El Cantare Festival’s lecture, which Master Ryuho Okawa shares in December.

Below is an excerpt of the lecture.


4. President Assad Must Step Down, and We Must Stop Enlarging the Battle by Supplying Weapons.

In Syria, while the advanced nations watched in frustration, a hundred thousand people died in civil war.

The advanced nations have been conflicted over which side they should provide weapons to.

Russia and other like-minded countries have been trying to provide weapons to the government while Europe and America have been supportive of the anti-government side.

They’re all standing by as observers. However, I want to say that just providing weapons may cause even more deaths in the country.

I daresay my honest opinion on these issues. In the case of Syria, where a hundred thousand people have died, I’m sure various reasons and excuses exist for those killings, but I believe the president should step down.

The president should step aside, and the people should have a talk and decide on the next leader of the government. Enlarging the battle by supplying weapons mustn’t be allowed.

The same can be said for Egypt.

If more than a million people arm themselves with weapons and go out to battle, the outcome will be devastating. We must stop them before it happens, and teach them the true value of liberty and democracy. It’s important.

We need time to educate and train them in order to realize it. We must be patient. Have patience for their immaturity and make efforts to open even just a slightly more advanced future. I believe so.


5. The World Is Watching What China Is Doing Now Regardless of the Historical Issues.

People have differing opinions on the issue of China, South Korea, and North Korea. Many historical problems need to be discussed. Too many exist to raise in a short amount of time.

However, I dare say this.

Even if we were to debate on the historical understanding of Japanese foreign events several decades ago, and whether China was an invasion or not, you mustn’t forget that the world’s watching to see whether what we’re doing right now is an act of invasion. I’ll clearly say this.


6. President Park’s Intention to Create an Alliance With China Could Lead to the ‘Selling Out’ of South Korea.

As for South Korea, it’s been over 50 years since it formed a military alliance with the US. South Korea’s in the same position as Japan.

In that sense, while forming an alliance with America and also trying to do the same with China, South Korea’s being threatened by North Korea’s development of nuclear missiles.

President Park’s trying to do so, but it could be his actions that bring ruin to his country if he’s not careful. This is his way of selling out her country.

South Korea will become a colony of China. Are the people of South Korea OK with it? This is what I want to ask.

There’s the Takeshima Islands issue. It exists, but is it OK for your country to be destroyed while you’re protecting Takeshima?

In addition, you may be protecting Takeshima, a small group of islands, using more than ten people, fearing that the Self-Defense Force will come to attack you, but we don’t care about such a small matter.

We’re more generous than that. We’re saying you can have North Korea. We’re saying that South Korea can have the entire portion of North Korea.

It’s absolutely more beneficial this way. Forget about those small islands.

We’re saying you can go ahead and take North Korea. We’re telling you to unify Korea and make it a country like South Korea. It’d be better if you were to listen to us.

So, believe in us.

And the tutor of Japan is the HRP and Happy Science. Believe in us more.

We promise and surely declare to bring progress and prosperity to the world, and to produce wonderful and peaceful countries.

Thank you very much.

You can watch the lecture at your local temple. Please find out where your temple is.


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture “The Decision for Your Happiness” (Part 2)
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