Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture “The Decision for Your Happiness” (Part 1)
The Celebration of the Lord’s Descent in 2013

On the 6th of July, Happy Science, which has believers in more than 100 countries, commemorated the 57th birthday of Master Ryuho Okawa and celebrated the Lord’s Descent at Pacifico Yokohama national convention hall in Yokohama Prefecture.

On this day, Master Okawa delivered a lecture entitled, “The Decision for Your Happiness.” This speech was broadcast to 3,500 places all around the world via satellite.

The event is one of the two most important festivals of the Happy Science Group, and the lecture, given on this day, is the one of the most significant, together with the El Cantare Festival’s lecture, which Master Ryuho Okawa shares in December.

Below is an excerpt of the lecture.


1. Happy Science Has Been Spreading its Activities

I said at the start of Happy Science that while I’ll work to reform religion, I’ll also move beyond reforming religion and go on to reform the education system, economics, politics, and so on. I’ll change this country and the world.

True to my words, this movement has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled in size with the help and support of everyone.

I can hear a voice in my heart that’s saying, “We must do much, much more.”
I objectively feel that while other religions are failing and disappearing with the times, this group has gained relative acceptance in Japanese society and has even gained trust in countries that I’ve visited only once.

I’m sure that we’ve come this far because of the countless people who’ve put their faith into a movement that has only one in a hundred millionth, a billionth or even a ten billionth chance of being true.

This work has been able to spread well so far because of the cooperation from spirits in Heaven as well as from the passionate support of people on earth.

What I started with a small Wheel of Dharma has grown bigger and bigger as I’ve turned it.

This Dharma Wheel will soon grow beyond my control and spread across the world.

It’d bring me great joy to see this happen.


2. New Teachings Are Needed for This World.

My teachings haven’t yet reached many people however.

Today, many wars and conflicts are occurring in countries across the globe, and I wish to say a lot more on those issues.

But the people, who are amidst those conflicts, don’t know of the teachings of El Cantare.

People are currently conflicting with others based on teachings that were given a few hundred, two thousand, or even three thousand years ago.

Even if the Almighty God at the time gave teachings a few hundred, two thousand, or three thousand years ago, for a certain group of people or segment of society, those teachings cannot possibly solve the problems of today.

New teachings are needed for this world.

Happy Science has fortunately continued to challenge itself in order to provide teachings that go beyond the boundaries of religion in order to solve modern issues.

We’ve continued to think about and to convey to the world what we must do to create a future society.

I believe that our religious teachings will be a supporting power that creates economic prosperity, makes businesses successful, and increases the wealth of nations.

I’m sure everybody would agree that in order for the world to progress and prosper in peace and harmony, and for every country to develop on its own, humanity needs principles that will allow various countries to accommodate their different opinions and ideas and overcome the differences.

While I pray from my heart that every country develops according to the country’s situation, I must also think from the perspective of the citizens of other countries, and think of their happiness as well.

I strongly wish for the Earth to be filled with such kind of nations.


3. How Should the Demonstrations in Egypt Be Viewed?

There are innumerable seeds of conflict in this world.

There’s a major issue in Egypt right now.

A massive protest of 100,000 people has ousted the president from his position. He’d been democratically elected just about a year ago.

It’s clear that the democratic society of Egypt is still underdeveloped.

I believe that an experiment on Egyptian civilization is being conducted on what people should do in this transitional stage.

Nonetheless, I think it’s best to maintain a government where people use their wisdom to hold discussions with one another and make decisions.

The Arab Spring became widespread and brought an end to Egypt’s long-term authoritarian government.

However, despite having been a dictator, the formal president was free and tolerant, and understood economics.

But the newly elected president was ignorant of economics, and if the military were to choose the next president, then he’d likely be another person with little economic knowledge.

Citizens won’t remain calm if there’s a shortage in food and fuel.

People won’t allow a person to remain as leader of country if he can’t guarantee even the bare minimums of life necessities.

This was one of the big problems in Egypt.

The entire Islamic region shook. The Arab Spring has even moved to other countries in Africa.


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture “The Decision for Your Happiness” (Part 1)
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