What Is Global Justice? (Part 2)
Master Ryuho Okawa’s El Cantare Celebration Lecture

4. Free the North Korean People From Their Large Scale Auschwitz

Our neighboring country, North Korea, is now ready to fire ballistic missiles.

Happy Science members are in North Korea as well. They’re also working hard to spread the Truth there, but I have no intention of ending the 21st century without changing the political system of North Korea.

I’m not declaring it because North Korea is pointing missiles in our direction, but because there’s no justice in North Korea.

I cannot stand idly by when 20 million people are starving and suffering for the sake of a handful of privileged people.

To you, who are watching this lecture in South Korea, I wish to say the relationship between Japan and South Korea has been unpleasant due to the Takeshima / Dokdo island issue this year.

The South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak, was born in Osaka, Japan. He has sufficient understanding of this country. I know he visited Takeshima island as a political performance to signify the independence of South Korea. However, he should know that such performances have a negative effect on the relationship between Japan and Korea.

North Korea could turn Seoul into a sea of fire in just one hour’s time. Does he want Japan to save his country or not? I want him to be clear on this point.

If he wishes to rely on the U.S./Japan alliance, and be protected from North Korea’s invasion, and if he wishes for us to help protect South Korea’s prosperity, and the life, security, and property of its people, Japan and South Korea must have an equable relationship.

The Japanese are more mature than Koreans as they do not lose their temper. Japan and Korea should talk to each other as friends.

What’s important now is not to fight over a small uninhabitable island, but to emancipate the 20 million people North Korea’s government holds captive.

North Korea is a large scale version of Auschwitz. It imprisoned six million Jewish people and led many of them to tragic deaths. However, North Korea now holds 20 million hostages.

After reading about the tragic experiences of North Korean defectors, I cannot forgive the government of North Korea.


5. China Must Give Its People the Right to Know If It Wants to Be a Leader of the World.

4523_02In order to pressure North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons, we’re currently holding six party talks, which China mainly controls. However, I’d like to point out that China and North Korea are secretly linked together.

I’m asking China’s government, not its citizens, to repent on this fact.

They must know that a nation’s interests are not the interests of the bureaucratic government, but are based on the happiness of the country’s citizens.

The nation’s interest should be to protect the happiness of its citizens.

China is growing very rapidly right now, and it’s obvious that China is aiming to become the number one country in the world.
I’m not denying China of its drive to become number one.

There were many time periods in the past 3000 years in which China became the world’s strongest country, and there were no problems.

I’m not denying China of all its possibilities either. China has the potential to become a respectable nation and to become a world leader.

However, there is a condition for China to become a global leader. In this modern era, it must give its citizens the right to know.

A nation with a population of 1.3 billion people should not be controlling what information is available based on whether it’s convenient or not to the government.

The 1.3 billion people living in China must be given the right to know. They must be given the freedom of press, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of association.

To say it plainly, the ideology of materialism is a mistaken one.

It’s unforgivable that such a large country is being governed based on this mistaken ideology and is trying to take over the world.

This defies God’s justice as well as the global justice.


6. Where Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist, True Prosperity and Peace Cannot Flourish.

Many Americans, along with President Obama, strongly advocate the value of human rights. This is the right position to take.

However, we must also think of the roots or origin of human rights. Human beings are precious because God has given them life.

That’s why, out of the many human rights that we’ve been granted, freedom of faith is the most important.

True freedom, true prosperity, and true peace cannot be realized in a place where there’s no freedom of faith.

We’re working hard in pursuit of religious Truth, but we’re also striving to realize political freedom, to give political rights to the people, and to create a Utopia on Earth.


7. We Must Think About What Is Just or Right From the Perspective of God.

We must never forget to look from the eyes of God. We must think about what is just or right from the perspective of God, make political policies based on this outlook, and determine the future of this country.
The answers are to be found in the countless books I’ve published. I released over 80 books just this year alone.

Please know that this is not the work of a human being.

In conclusion, I wish to say to people all around the world that Happy Science provides opinions on what justice is and what I teach may conflict with a country’s political system, economic system, and its attitudes towards faith.

However, I wish for everyone to be mature. Please be mature, and grasp what’s truly right or just for this world.

The future of this Earth will open up in the direction which I point my finger. We must continue to fight until the establishment of global justice.

Thank you very much.

What Is Global Justice? (Part 2)
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