Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Speaks of Her Legacy From Heaven (Part 1)
Spiritual Messages from Margaret Thatcher (See note 1)

The Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who was dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’, died on Monday April 8th. Mrs. Thatcher transformed Britain with her decisive leadership.

Merely 19 hours after her death, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science, invited Mrs. Thatcher’s spirit to the General Headquarters’ prayer hall to talk about her thoughts from Heaven.

Mrs. Thatcher’s spiritual message reminded us again that she has led her country for more than a decade with unparalleled leadership, conviction, and remarkable foresight, which eventually contributed to end the Cold War. She reversed the sense of national decline, and advanced her country in a new and right direction.

Master Okawa usually records spiritual messages after the person has been dead for a while. The spirit, who has returned to heaven, or the guardian spirit of a person, who is living in this world, is usually summoned.

Within 24 hours of death, a person’s soul and body are still connected through what people call a silver cord.

In this case, the person, who is sending spiritual messages, cannot recognize his or her own death, and s/he cannot say anything except “I feel pain…” or “I’m not dead yet”. It’s sometimes difficult to get a substantive response.

Even Mrs. Thatcher, an angel of light (see ‘Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady’), at first thought she was still on the bed at the hospital. It’s extremely difficult to speak usually right after one’s death. Master Ryuho Okawa mentioned at the beginning of this recording, “It has been only 19 hours since her death, so I don’t know if she’s aware of her death yet, if her soul has left the body, or if she has seen the spirit world. So, I can’t take full responsibility for what might happen”.

This spiritual recording of Mrs. Thatcher was an unprecedented, miraculous event in the sense that Master Okawa communicated with her while her soul had not yet departed from her body.

Mrs. Thatcher gradually returned to her ‘strong Prime Minister’ role, and sent many messages to Britain, EU, China, and Japan.
We’ll present a portion of Mrs. Thatcher’s messages as a great blessing for the world.

Note 1: These spiritual messages were channeled through Ryuho Okawa. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, his way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums who undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channeling.

Each human soul is made up of six soul siblings, one of whom acts as the guardian spirit of the person living on earth. People living on earth are connected to their guardian spirits at the innermost subconscious level. They are a part of people’s very souls, and therefore, exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.

However, please note that these spiritual messages are opinions of the individual spirits and may contradict the ideas or teachings of the Happy Science Group.

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Attempting To Receive Spiritual Messages From Mrs. Thatcher, Nineteen Hours After Her Death

Ryuho Okawa : Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away around 8 pm last night. It has only been nineteen hours since the time of her death. […] It has only been nineteen hours since her death, so I don‘t know if she is aware of her death, if her soul has left the body, or if she has already seen the spirit world. So, I cannot take full responsibility for what might happen. […]

It may be difficult to see Mrs. Thatcher’s former boldness and power. Perhaps her thinking will become clearer as we talk to her, but this probably won’t be like a newspaper interview where she promptly responds to questions that you ask. […]

Her death is being reported on the world news now, so if we succeed in documenting her spiritual messages, I think it’ll be a big scoop, a first for the world. I hope that this session will be a success.

I’ll now summon her spirit.

Ryuho Okawa Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher. You’ve already passed away. It happened last night. Could you cross the Pacific Ocean and come over to Tokyo, Japan? Would you accept our spiritual interview with you? […]

I know you are very busy now, but please give us an opportunity to ask you some questions even though they may be foolish. Please tell us your opinions on politics and the future of the world.

Former Prime Minister Thatcher, Puzzled by the Sudden Summoning

–Are you aware that you passed away yesterday?

Thatcher What? I’m still alive.

–No, you were in bed last night, and you suffered a stroke. Perhaps you felt pain.

Thatcher But I feel no pain now. Why? I don’t know, but I’m curious. Japan, you said? Japan?

–Everyone in Japan admires your performance as the British prime minister, and we’re very happy to talk to you. We’re really grateful.

–You are still the Iron Lady?

Thatcher Yes, the Iron Lady. I’m not very kind, and I have a short temper. I’m sorry. I get angry very quickly. So, I’m not just the Iron Lady, Hot Iron Lady would be the more correct explanation or expression.

Come on opposition party, bring it on!


Don’ t Hesitate to Fight Against Invaders!

–The next question is about national security and global peace.

You achieved complete victory in the Falklands War, and your excellence was appreciated all over the world. Meanwhile, I’m sure you already understand the situation surrounding Japan in terms of national security, in other words, the growth of North Korea and the red empire of China.

Now, we have disputes over islands, just like your country, such as the Senkaku Islands issue. We are also facing a North Korean missile issue. We’re encountering such crises.

For that reason, we would like to receive your advice on the Japanese prime minister or us.

Thatcher If you felt some sort of fear of invasion from them, you must attack, of course.

–We want to know how you convinced your cabinet members when they were objecting to launching a war against Argentina. How did you convince them?

Thatcher The main issue is whether it’s our territory or not. If it’s our territory, we must protect it for the country. But if it’s not, we must argue. The argument will occur between the two countries.

But if we believe that it’s our island, we must keep it, protect it, and attack our enemies, the invaders, and destroy them!


Never Show Fear in Politics

Thatcher The UK is a small country but a strong country, traditionally and historically. Japan also is a very small country, but it has a long, long history with a background of cultural traditions. Japan is a great country. Be proud of that! The Japanese prime minister should insist on that. Never permit an invasion! Attack them to protect your wonderful, beautiful, historical traditions and culture. Be proud of yourself!

–Thank you.

Thatcher Never be afraid. This is politics.


Thatcher Predicted the Failure of the EU

Thatcher I succeeded and failed. I couldn’t understand the EU. I don’t like this type of group economics. We need sovereignty regarding our currency issuing rights. I think it’s very important for independent countries. More than ten or twenty countries joined the EU.

–More than twenty countries.

Thatcher They’re using the euro in that system, but I think it’s an invasion of the U.K.’s independence policy. It’ s very important to a country’s independence to have the right to issue its own currency.

If you use, for example, US dollars in Japan, you’re not independent. Japan would be one of the states of the United States of America. If you use Benjamin Franklins, or other Dollar bills, it means you have surrendered to the fiscal policy of the American economy.

This is not so good. I opposed such kinds of policy but other people, such as my colleagues, friends, and other politicians, disagreed with me. So, our opinions were quite different.

I couldn’t understand the EU system, and I’ve heard that the EU’s falling apart now. I had, how should I say this, foresight. In other words, I made a prediction about the future of the EU.

Be careful. Don’t use Chinese Yuan, American Dollars, or any other currencies if you wish to stay independent.

Margaret Thatcher's Miraculous Message: An Interview with the Iron Lady 19 Hours After Her Death [Kindle Edition] By Ryuho Okawa

Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Speaks of Her Legacy From Heaven (Part 1)
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