North Korea Is About to Launch More Missiles
Save Innocent North Koreans from Brutal Oppression

North Korea finished preparing to launch “Musudan” missiles by transferring them to the east coast and placing them on the launch pad. It’s widely speculated that North Korea is going to fire missiles around April 15, because it’s the anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birthday, the founding father of North Korea. “Musudan” includes Guam within its range, and the U.S. already decided to deploy its missile defense system to the island.

The U.S. recently sent B-2 stealth bombers to the Korean peninsula as a move to check on the North’s provocative behavior such as the nullification of the armistice of the Korean War (1950-1953). There’s also a possibility that North Korea will again harass South Korea with another shelling since its provocation strategy is in an impasse due to the firm stance of the U.S. If South Korea retaliates against the enemy and North Korea counterattacks further, there will be a real risk for a Second Korean War.

If the U.S. doesn’t take effective measures against North Korea, a virtual nuclear state, the U.S. mainland might be under the direct threat of North Korean nuclear missiles. The U.S. is facing a tough decision. Should it make up its mind to launch a military operation to dismantle the North, or should it do nothing until it’s forced to recognize the North as an official nuclear state?

If the U.S. is still the world’s policeman, it should destroy the North Korean regime that brutally suppresses its innocent people. Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science, says, “America shouldn’t abandon its destiny and its mission from God. America shouldn’t abandon its pride in being the protector of Earth. America is declining now; however, it is still the number one supreme power of the world. So America must fight against evil powers” (Have a Faith in Great America, Chapter 1 “The American Mind”).

Nevertheless, the U.S. has been reluctant to involve in the Korean peninsula in a way that it can fulfill its role as the world’s policeman. The reason why North Korea has successfully advanced its nuclear program so far is that South Korea and the U.S., fearing the risk of military conflicts, provided assistance to the North while ignoring its awful human rights violation.

When North Korea’s nuclear program drew international attention in 1994, Bill Clinton’s Administration considered striking nuclear facilities in the North. However, it chose an engagement policy after South Korea strongly opposed the idea of a surgical strike over risks that the North might attack Seoul.

In 2000, South Korean President Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel Peace Prize because he advanced peace on the peninsula. But, in fact, he “purchased” the honor by paying for a massive amount of aid for North Korea in exchange for an inter-Korean summit meeting.

Although the George W. Bush Administration put pressure on the North by calling it an “axis of evil,” that neoconservative president rushed for an easy diplomatic achievement during his second term in office when he eliminated North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

The U.S. and South Korea should recognize that their appeasement polices have contributed to the survival of the North Korean regime, and determine to pursue a policy of regime change. The policy of regime change tends to sound negative due to the memory of the Iraqi War. But, now is the time for the U.S. to wash away its trauma over Iraq and launch an operation to release oppressed North Koreans by toppling the regime.

Master Okawa says, “I believe that if they do not have bad motives, and if they want to protect good people from evil powers, America should be tolerant of themselves if they make some mistakes” (Have a Faith in Great America, Chapter 1 “The American Mind”).

Now, President Barack Obama is reluctant to intervene into the Syrian Civil War to stop the massacre due to his non-interventionist position. But, if he takes the same stance on the Korean peninsula, a great number of people in East Asia are going to be under the nuclear threat of dangerous North Korea.

Master Okawa states that “The American president should never think only about profits. He should never think only about economic prosperity. It is the duty of American presidents to preserve world peace and world justice”” (Have Faith in Great America, Chapter 2 “Why We Can’t Wait).

North Koreans are experiencing a famine so terrible that they’re forced to eat human flesh. Such an appalling and inhumane regime is now threatening world peace with its nuclear weapons. North Korea’s horrible political system is far beyond the threshold that we can accept from the perspective of global justice. The U.S., as the world’s policeman, should take the initiative to dismantle North Korea.


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North Korea Is About to Launch More Missiles
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