Can the New Pope Become the Modern St. Francis of Assisi? (Part 2)
A Prescription for Rebuilding the Catholic Church


4. The Pros and Cons of Homosexuality / Same Sex Marriage

The Catholic Church states that homosexuality and same sex marriage are sinful acts because sexual intercourse is for procreation only. Ten years ago when Argentina legalized same sex marriage, Pope Francis expressed his adamant opposition to it and said, “It’s an attempt to destroy God’s plan.” Former Pope Benedict XVI similarly made statements against same sex marriage, “It jeopardizes marriage between a man and a woman and impairs justice and peace.”

People assume gender identity disorders exist in homosexuality and same-sex marriages. Master Okawa, in publications such as The True Relationship between the Mind and Body, revealed the spiritual background for gender identity disorders:

In the life plan that is created before birth, an individual evaluates and thus decides which sex will be most preferable for his/her spiritual training. However, for example, if one’s parents only have one child after planning to have more than one, it is possible that the person born will say ‘I wanted to be born a girl, but I was born as a boy’. There are two options for the person if a kind of ‘planning mistake’ occurs. Live life after clearly coming to terms with the gender you have been assigned, or if the person cannot live with it, undergo gender reassignment surgery etc. Both homosexuality and same-sex marriage come under the latter.

Master Okawa commented on the pros and cons of same-sex marriage in a Q & A session in July 2012:

I believe that the last few decades have been an experimental period.’ ‘In the next 40-50 years, there will be conclusions and decisions made by the kingdom above.’ ‘The decision will come at the end of your life when you leave this world. I believe the result will be different for everyone. For example, some homosexuals may go to heaven but others may go to hell. I think it will depend on the person.

In the end, the more people who choose to have a life with a same-sex marriage and live happily, and go to heaven after their deaths, the more likely it will become that same-sex marriage will ‘not be a sin’ in the eyes of God. Master Okawa has not yet seen a conclusion for this issue.


5. Collusions Between the Vatican Bank and the Roman Underworld

Since January in the state of the Vatican City, ATM machines have been shut down and credit card payments have no longer been accepted, due to continuing suspicions that the Vatican Bank, which manages the Holy See’s finances, has been used by the Mafia for money laundering. These appalling collusions with the Roman underworld became evident due to past events such as the sudden death of the Pope only a few weeks after he purported a reform of the Vatican Bank and bribes from the Vatican Bank to Italian politicians.

Jesus preached, “You aren’t able to serve God and mammon.” In Christianity, there are no teachings about money. The Vatican City State is an independent country, and the Pope holds the powers of legislation, government, and justice. It is a sacred ground where overseas law enforcement and rights of taxation do not apply. Their fundamental religious forms should be protected from the authority of the secular world, but this assumes that priests will judge themselves more harshly than anyone in the secular world. In Buddhism, monastics say, “Buddhist laws are superior to the national laws.” It is regrettable that the Vatican can’t follow the rules in terms of the handling of its money.

In modern times, the Calvinists carried out religious reforms to try and include thoughts on wealth and prosperity, and Protestantism was born. However, Catholics are somewhat stuck in the Middle Ages. Catholic influence, which has no teachings about wealth, is the source of the Euro crisis in the Southern European countries of Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.


For the Coexistence of Prosperity and Spirituality

One of the missions of Happy Science is ‘the innovation of religious culture’, which includes Christianity. Master Okawa stated in his publication A Walk in the Spiritual World:

There are many spiritual views and ways of life or cultures in this world based on religions from 2000 years ago, 3000 years ago, and even older. I feel that I have a very important calling to replace old ideas with new ones, to shake up the spiritual world, to create innovation in the religious cultures of the world, and to generate something new to suit our contemporary ways of life.

Consequently, Master Okawa also conducts sermons in Catholic countries, so that new spiritual ideas and teachings about wealth can become known throughout the world.

St. Francis sought the spiritual world in the poor times of the Middle Ages, by conversing with not only Jesus and angels but also with living things such as small birds and fish. At his first mass after his election, the new Pope Francis said, “If we do not profess Jesus Christ…we may become a charitable NGO, but not the Church”. It is really important how we view the truth of Jesus.

It is therefore our hope that the new Pope will seek and find a sense of spirituality in this modern age of prosperity, and make as many people as happy as possible.

(Jiro Ayaori)

Can the New Pope Become the Modern St. Francis of Assisi? (Part 2)
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