Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady

In the Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, which premiered in the US on January 13, there is a scene in which a minister asks Thatcher (played by Meryl Streep) what she thinks of a single European currency. Thatcher replies, “I don’t think Britain’s ready for it.” It is as though she may have foreseen the euro crisis that was to occur decades later.

Now, amid signs of a EU collapse, there is the release of the movie and growing interest in Thatcher more than 20 years after she left her post as prime minister. The political skill of Thatcher, who implemented the liberal thinking of economist Friedrich von Hayek and cured England of “the British Disease” with her iron will, is being reassessed.

Born into the lower-middle class, how did she rise to become England’s first female prime minister? It has commonly been suggested that it was the influence of strict religious values and a spirit of self-help instilled in her by her father.
That may, of course, be one reason. However, Happy Science’s Master Ryuho Okawa had already revealed over 20 years ago two secrets Thatcher’s spirit harbored. With regards to the first secret, Master Okawa said the following at a lecture in Okinawa on November 23, 1990, the day after Thatcher announced her intention to step down as prime minister. (start of quote)

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Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady
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