Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady

An angel is a highly evolved spirit

In other words, Thatcher is one of the angels born as a human. That is the first secret to her outstanding willpower and leadership.
Happy Science has revealed the following spiritual facts about angels.

  1. As revealed by the essence of Buddhism and modern spiritualism, because all humans develop their own spirits, they are forever reincarnating. Angels are beings that, through humans reincarnating, have developed into high-level spirits.
  2. The spirit world is broadly divided into six realms from the fourth dimension to the ninth. Spirits live in realms depending on their level of spiritual enlightenment.
  3. For example, spirits that have the cognition of the fourth dimension (the level where they do not sufficiently understand that the human essence is a spirit) go through a continuous cycle whereby they are born on Earth as humans many times over, thus gaining various human experience and then returning to the fourth dimension of the other world upon death. When they eventually awaken to the understanding of the fifth dimension (the level where it is understood that the human essence is a spirit and a person should seek virtue) during one of their lives, they return to the world of the fifth dimension upon death, becoming a resident of that world. The spirits of other dimensions also aim for spiritual development.
  4. Spirits that live above the seventh dimension acquire a high level of spiritual enlightenment and leadership as a result of intently undertaking spiritual training over a long period of time, and are called high spirits. Spirits of the seventh dimension (people who have transcended the limits of self and live in devotion and service for others) are called “angels” in Christianity and “Bodhisattva” in Buddhism. Spirits of the eighth dimension (people who have a deep understanding of God’s mind and the laws of the universe and have thus contributed greatly to the development of humanity) are called “archangels” in Christianity and “Tathagata” in Buddhism.
  5. Whether they be angels or archangels, they are born as humans on Earth several times in order to undertake spiritual training with the aim of becoming closer to God. In human history, there are many angels and archangels in people who do outstanding work in a variety of fields (political, academic, artistic, religious, etc.) have immense influence and command respect as great figures.

We can cite several angels of the seventh dimension and archangels of the eighth dimension who were born as humans in recent history and were actively involved in the political world, among them being Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sun Yat-sen. Margaret Thatcher is also an angel close to those people who were on a political mission.

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Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady
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