Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady

There are angels even among politicians

Yesterday, we found out that England’s Prime Minister Thatcher would resign. She has led England for some 11 years and is said to have been the greatest prime minister since Churchill. Watching coverage of developments in England when she announced her decision to resign, I was overwhelmed by a flood of emotions.

The once prosperous British Empire had gradually faded as a world power since the last world war, fallen into economic recession, and the phrase “the British Disease” was becoming rampant. Amidst all this a female prime minister appeared on the scene and over more than a decade led the country in a completely different direction with unparalleled leadership skills and decisiveness.
At a time when the entire country is falling into such dire circumstances, when it is heading in a miserable direction, politicians must not yield to the multitude of views of its citizens. If they were to defer to such views, the country would continue heading in the wrong direction. It is in precisely such times that a leader must make bold decisions and guide the country.

Called as The Iron Lady, Thatcher possessed such traits. She was the type of person who acted with the idea that no matter how much opposition you faced, if you pushed through with what you believed in, you could forge a new path. In the more than ten years she was prime minister, England’s decaying image improved significantly, showing signs of prosperity. However, over the course of more than a decade, people probably run out of patience with even such a strong leader.

I saw her soon-to-retire figure and poignantly felt this year, 1990, would mark the end of an era. She is a leader that comes from the world of high spirits that we call the seventh dimension Bodhisattva realm. An angel of light was born in this era and entered the political sphere. And now, she would finish her work and step down. (end of quote)

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Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady
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