Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady

Gender and reincarnation

Also in the case of Thatcher, there is one more secret to her spirit, to her remarkable power for a woman. In January 1986 Master Okawa revealed this in a spiritual message. What spoke with Master Okawa was the spirit of the distinguished Murasaki Shikibu, female author of the world’s oldest full-length novel The Tale of Genji. (start of quote)

Interviewer: With being born as a female in this world being extremely difficult, is it possible for someone who dies wanting to be born as a male the next time they are reborn to have their wish granted?

Murasaki Shikibu: Sometimes a person is born as a male if they have a strong wish and request that they come back as a male the next time round because they had a hard time as a female. However, this needs the approval of the authorities of our world.
There are also times when male spirits are born as females.
An example in your world right now is the female prime minister of the country of England. That person is a male spirit but wanted to be born as a female. In other words, she is essentially a male but has been born as a female. So she is a spirit that wants to raise the status of other women in general by being active as a politician.
She is not a low-level spirit. She is a high spirit. Wanting to improve the general status of women, there have also been cases where male spirits have ventured to be born as females. (end of quote)

Thatcher’s spirit has, over a long time, repeatedly been reincarnated as a male but, aiming to raise the status of women, has chosen to be born this time as a female. There must also have been sublime exertion of “freedom of choice”, which she respected above all else.


Finally, as proof her spirit is an angel who serves God, a quote from her memoir on freedom and God:


There is a well-known prayer which refers to God’s service as ‘perfect freedom’.

My wish for the people of this country (i.e. Britain) is that we shall be ‘free to serve’…

                                                                   Margaret Thatcher, THE PATH TO POWER


*The books The Laws of the Sun and The Laws of Eternity by Master Ryuho Okawa explain in more detail the structure of the dimensions of the spirit world.

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Two Spiritual Secrets of the Iron Lady
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