Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Speaks of Her Legacy From Heaven (Part 2)
Spiritual Messages from Margaret Thatcher (See Part 1, note 1)

The Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who was dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’, died on Monday April 8th. Mrs. Thatcher transformed Britain with her decisive leadership.

Merely 19 hours after her death, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science, invited Mrs. Thatcher’s spirit to the General Headquarters’ prayer hall to talk about her thoughts from Heaven.

Mrs. Thatcher’s spiritual message reminded us again that she has led her country for more than a decade with unparalleled leadership, conviction, and remarkable foresight, which eventually contributed to end the Cold War. She reversed the sense of national decline, and advanced her country in a new and right direction.


Why Is Socialism Evil?

–Why did you fight against labor unions? Why is socialism bad?

Thatcher Laziness. They love being lazy.

I was brought up in a not-so-high status family. Diligence was the only way to succeed there. My way of thinking could have transformed the United Kingdom into a real utopia or future-oriented country.

Labor unions love to indulge in playing, and they don’t make efforts to achieve success, money, or honor. We have the laws of sacrifice. It means that if you want to get something important, honorable, and respectable, you must be diligent, you must work hard, and you must have a good influence on the people that follow you.

The labor system is ruining the foundations of the U.K. It’ll lead to the death of the country in the end. This is a problem of policy and of philosophy. That’s the reason I was called the Iron Lady. This Iron Lady never forgave such kinds of indulgence or bad people.

–Then, what kind of economic policy should governments take in order to make their countries prosper?

Thatcher A small government is preferable, I think. The government only needs to assist the privatization of industries. There are too many laws, which prohibit the growth of private companies, so set them free, and educate them to fight for themselves in order to obtain prosperity.


The Guiding Spirit of Former Prime Minister Thatcher Is St. Michael

–Yes. You already mentioned something about your guardian spirit.

Thatcher Yes.

–Do you know the name of your guardian spirit? Could you tell me the name of your guardian spirit?

Thatcher St. Michael.

–According to one interpretation, St. Michael was the guardian angel of Ronald Reagan.

Thatcher Yes, that’s also so.


Thatcher My guardian angel. […] St. Michael was guiding me during the period in which I took office. Yes, St. Michael was guiding both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. What this means is that China and the Soviet Union are Antichrists.


Thatcher’s Immediate Past Life Was the German Iron Chancellor Bismarck

– In fact, a few years ago, we tried to call your guardian spirit here (April 6th, 2010).

Thatcher Yes. You’re right.

–Yeah, we called you here, and at that time you hinted to us that you were once born in Germany. […] Could you tell me your name when you were born in Germany?

Thatcher Bismarck (1815 – 1898).

–Oh, right! The Iron Lady and the Iron Chancellor, Bismarck.

Thatcher Yes. It’s natural, quite natural.

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Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Speaks of Her Legacy From Heaven (Part 2)
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