The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2

Summed up below is part 2 of the interview with Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit. He suggests that the era of Anglo-Saxon dominance is coming to an end and does not try to hide his ambitious plans to establish a world empire. In this interview, Xi Jinping’s previous incarnation reveals his historical identity.

XJ: The guardian spirit of Xi Jinping
Interviewer: ES = Eiichi Satomura (Happy Science Head of PR)
MC: Master of ceremonies

(Below is an extract of the recorded spirit message.* stands for a long omission)

Establishing the “Great Chinese Empire”

ES: So from now on not only Japan but all South East Asian countries will have to be on their guard.

XJ: Ha, you’re being optimistic. Indonesia has already fallen under Chinese control. We are presently tightening the noose around Japan. It is a pincer attack, so Japan does not stand a chance. The countries around Japan will succumb to Chinese rule, and in the end, Japan will be completely isolated.
Next, we plan to take Australia. That’s what we’re working on right now. We will get them to surrender to China. Soon, many countries will surrender to us in South East Asia, too.

ES: What about Russia?

XJ: At the moment, relations between China and Russia are tense, but as the right wing is gathering momentum in Japan, Japan will raise its voice about territorial disputes with both China and Russia, which will give us a common enemy and unite us. With Russia everything should go well as long as we don’t start a war with them. We’re not planning to claim Russian territory for China. It’s nothing but barren land. We don’t need it.

ES: What is your opinion about the successor in North Korea, Kim Jong-un?

XJ: He is young and easy to manipulate. He’s just a little boy.

ES: What about Pakistan, and Iran, which is also trying to become a nuclear power?

XJ: We’ve been building secret alliances. Both Pakistan and Iran are already under Chinese control.
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The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2
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