The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
An excerpt of the spiritual messages

Toward the U.S. presidential election in November 2012, the Republican candidate race has been intensified. At the end of January and the middle of February, Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group, summoned the guardian spirits of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum who are the major candidates of the U.S. presidential election, at Happy Science Tokyo Headquarters, and began to listen to their real intentions in the form of spiritual messages. The thoughts of guardian spirits are the same as the subconscious thoughts of people who are guided by those guardian spirits, and are considered as their true feelings.

Knowing the true feelings of the U.S. presidential candidates in advance is extremely important for Japan, a close ally of the U.S., as well as for Asia-Pacific countries. In the following, we introduce an excerpt from the spiritual messages concerning their foreign affairs/national security policy, economic policy, and political/religious beliefs.

Since the interview with Gingrich’s guardian spirit has been reported in detail, this article deals with only the main points for Gingrich. The interviewers to the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum are Jiro Ayaori, Chief Editor of “The Liberty,” and Shugaku Tsuiki, Party Leader of “The Happiness Realization Party.”


《The Opinion of Guardian Spirit of Gingrich》

excerpts from the interview on January 28, 2012

■ Foreign Affairs / National Security Policy

  •  My main point is just how to control China! The total amount of military budget can be flexible.
  •  Our main concern is where the fighting spot or area or alarming area will be. The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Okinawa. We must add more military forces in this area.
  •  We must exclude Iran’s missile fleet. It’s not so difficult for us. We can make them disappear from this world within one or two months.
  •  “The end” are very suitable words for North Korea. If the 7th fleet of U.S. shows an attitude to attack North Korea because of their nuclear weapons, they will surrender.

■ Economic Policy

  •  We should make more jobs and employees. We must supply a lot of money to each company and its affiliates and enable them to hire more and more employees. It is an urgent matter that must be done within one or two years.
  •  Bernanke will do good things and of course I will cooperate with him. I think 2% is not enough, but enough money supply will revive a lot of companies and we can hire a lot of employees. I am aiming to decrease the jobless rate from 8.5% to 4% in my first 4 years.

■Political / Religious Beliefs

  •  My strong opinion is to build up the great United States of America again through a strong leader. This is my opinion.
  •  I have a conservative belief in Christianity. America should be America, so America should go back to traditional America. I think the usual American Christianity is preferable,
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The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
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