Obama or Romney? Either way, the decline of the U.S. is inevitable
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How should we react to interviews with the guardian spirits of Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, the leading candidates of the U.S. Republican Party?

A guardian spirit’s opinion (subconscious) is the person’s true intention and their belief, with their vision actualized as the years pass.

This was confirmed in an interview with Obama’s guardian spirit immediately after the November 2008 presidential election. On diplomacy and the military affairs, Obama’s guardian spirit said, “First we will get rid of Taiwan. Then we will get rid of Japan.” and “I want to shrink the military budget.” and on economic policy, “I want to tax the rich and give it to the poor.”

Obama’s dramatic battle of revenge on America


Obama’s guardian spirit emphasized revenge on America, a Christian nation. The picture of Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor destroyed by Spain.

These last three years, the Obama administration has worked to achieve just that. Defense spending will be reduced by 1.05 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

According to a high-ranking officer with the U.S. Navy, this means “retiring two aircraft carrier fleets.” The nuclear-powered George Washington aircraft carrier, which has its home port at Yokosuka (Japan), is already waiting to be retired with cuts to its fuel budget from 2016. The budget for nuclear weapon maintenance will also be cut, putting the “nuclear umbrella” that protects Japan into doubt. Development costs for the next generation F35 stealth fighters will also dry up.

Even though President Obama has announced that the U.S. military will shift its focus towards Asia, cutting funding is cutting ties. Fearing China’s mid-range missiles, Okinawa’s U.S. Marine Corps will “retreat” to Guam, Hawaii and Australia. As same as Japan, Taiwan is also “abandoned.”

The amount by which defense spending is reduced will be completely absorbed in social security costs. Over ten years 940 billion dollars will be injected into the health insurance reforms introduced by Obama.

These had already been “predicted” over three years ago.
Further, the core message of Obama’s guardian spirit was “now is the time for revenge.” In Obama’s previous life there were many people, such as a native American chief and an Aztec emperor annihilated by white people, who died regrettable deaths in battles with Christian civilizations. We are seeing a “revenge battle” on America, the Christian superpower.

Does Romney revere Mammon?


Romney’s guardian spirit said that he “loves Mammon (the god of material wealth)”. The picture is “The Worship of Mammon” by British artist, Evelyn de Morgan.

The selection for the Republican candidate may be a prolonged event, but the current front-runner is Romney. His spirit’s core message was that he is “rather fond of Wall Street” and “loves Mammon (the god of material wealth).”

Mammon is a demon that presides over greed and instills a desire for money in humans. The Bible states in the Gospel of Matthew, “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon (worldly riches).”

Experts have pointed out that Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, which Romney embraces, and his successor, Brigham Young, brought Mammon worship (worship of material wealth) to Christianity.

Romney was, in fact, a manager for a corporate rehabilitation fund and is criticized for being “greedy” and a “vulture”. There were many cases where staff were dismissed despite he himself making a massive fortune by cutting off the troubled department of a failing company that had been bought, increasing its value and then selling it.

What if the U.S. reduces its aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons and stealth fighters?

Wall Street greed is apparently distancing itself from the ethos of America’s successful. Even after oil baron, Rockefeller, became a billionaire, he followed through with his promise to his deeply religious mother to continue donating money.

Putting into practice Jesus’ words that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Gospel of Matthew), steel magnate, Carnegie, maintained his belief making full use of the wealth he had acquired for the benefit of society.

In contrast to the mentality of America’s truly successful people to “give back to society”, if Romney is “greedy” and “idolizes Mammon”, it will be difficult to revive the country’s whole economy even if he restores the Wall Street.
Regardless of whether Obama is reelected or Romney becomes president, the decline of the U.S., a reduction in defense spending and a “withdrawal” from the “world’s police” will be inevitable.

(Jiro Ayaori)

Obama or Romney? Either way, the decline of the U.S. is inevitable
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