You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
Q&A with Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science

As in the biblical era of Jesus Christ, Happy Science followers are often cured of serious illness through the power of their faith and prayers. This is happening not only in Japan, but also in Brazil and India where the number of followers is growing. In this Q&A Master Okawa explains his approach to curing illness with the power of faith. If you, your family, and your friends truly believe this and can put it into practice, the illness may be cured.


Three people close to me have cancer. One has acute leukemia, one has a rare cancer called malignant liposarcoma and one has uterine cancer. I think that to cure cancer with the power of faith, there first needs to be effort on the part of the person who is sick, but other than that I’d like to ask for Master’s ideas on those around that person using their collective power of faith and making cancerous cells disappear, as well as the mechanism for making that happening.

From a Q&A session at the Yokohama-Totsuka branch office of Happy Science, February 6, 2011.
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You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
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