You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
Q&A with Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science


Step 1 to curing cancer

Have at least some understanding of the other world and this world

The circumstances of those three people may be different, but first it is difficult for the power of faith to work if there isn’t at least some understanding about the relationship between the other world and this one.

A minimal understanding is the view that humans are beings that transmigrate between the other world and this. We exist in a physical form now, but we are beings that came from the other world and will return to the other world with our spiritual body being our principal form. This is the basic understanding you should have.

Step 2 to curing cancer

View illness as a challenge bestowed upon you

Next, there are many things that could be wrong in this world such as relationships, business and work. However, in light of the understanding I talked about just now, you have to know that this world is like school in that life is all about learning.

Instead of feeling like a student complaining to their teacher that they have too much homework, think, “I will try and find my own answer to this challenge I’ve been given.”

Think of this as koan (a question to ponder in Zen training) and think about why you have this illness. Is the cause in this life? If not, it may lie in a previous life. In finding where the root of your illness lies, it is important to reflect on the possibility of whether it is something that is understandable and can be reflected upon.

Step 3 to curing cancer

Despite your illness, make an effort to point the compass needle of your mind in a positive direction

This may be difficult for a sick person to do, but try and focus your thoughts as much as possible on, “I may be sick right now, but is there some way, no matter how small, that I can be of use to the world or the others?” Basically, make an effort to point the compass needle of your mind in a positive, constructive and productive direction.

If you focus on your illness, you will only see yourself deteriorating and dying. Further, you will create your own “movie” in which you play the tragic hero or heroine making those around you cry.

Pick yourself up and return good deeds to those around you and practice picturing over and over in your mind the story of you transforming.

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You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
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