You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
Q&A with Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science

Step 4 to curing cancer

Once you have faith and “let yourself go”, your body will also lighten up

I don’t know whether those close to you with cancer are able to read in their condition or not, but we also have CDs and DVDs of my sermons so have them learn a bit about the teachings of Happy Science. If they can firmly believe in El Cantare* from doing that, they will come to realize that there is no such thing as an incurable illness.

If their thoughts revolve around this world, everything will be a worry and everything will appear uncertain. However, if they truly believe in El Cantare, ultimately they will feel that they can leave everything to God. Once that happens, the body will suddenly feel lighter.

I’ve never heard of cancer of the fat cells before, but I’ve cured leukemia and most other illnesses with my spiritual power so there is basically no such thing as something that the power of faith cannot cure.

Step 5 to curing cancer

Keep picturing a positive future with your life improved

To cure cancer, there needs to be a reason for improving and extending what remains of that person’s life. They should think about the creation of a positive future with “if I can improve and extend my life, I would like to create this kind of future for myself.” Those around them, too, should support them in that. The one who is sick may complain and say negative things, but their friends and family should think about giving them the power to turn that negativity back into something positive.

The possibilities for human beings are endless. If a doctor says, “you will die”, it is safe to think, “I will not die”. If you are told you have an 80% chance of dying, you should think you have an 80% chance of not dying, if you are told you have a 100% chance of dying, think you have a 100% chance of not dying and if you are told you have less than a year to live, think you definitely have over a year.

Generally, the more a patient counters a doctor, the longer they live. (laughter in the audience) This is statistically proven and it is clear that patients who don’t listen to what the doctors say and are defiant actually live longer.

Because doctors see sick and dying people every day, it’s normal for them. If it were a fish shop, it would be like thinking, “if we stock up on fish, it’ll all go off.” Unless they stop thinking about that and imagine customers cooking the fish well, the family enjoying the meal and everyone being happy, they will not be good fish shops.

As much as possible, think of the bright future. If the person who is sick can’t do it, then it’s fine for others at Happy Science to do it for him or her. You should help the person to discover what kind of picture is possible. (To be continued in part 2)

* El Cantare is the name of Earth’s Supreme God that Happy Science believes in. Master Okawa is a being that is a part of El Cantare. Click on the link below for more information.Revealing the existence called: Lord El Cantare

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You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part 1)
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