You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part2)
Q&A with Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science


Three people close to me have cancer. One has acute leukemia, one has a rare cancer called malignant liposarcoma and one has uterine cancer. I think that to cure cancer with the power of faith, there first needs to be effort on the part of the person who is sick, but other than that I’d like to ask for Master’s ideas on those around that person using their collective power of faith and making cancerous cells disappear, as well as the mechanism for making that happening.

From a Q&A session at the Yokohama-Totsuka branch office of Happy Science, February 6, 2011.


Step 6 to curing cancer

Do you have a job that is beyond your abilities or not suited to your personality? Quit!

Our lifetime in this world is limited, and we should try to put ourselves in a good place and reach some peace of mind before we move on to the other world. You don’t want to leave going downhill (laughter in the audience).

It would be ideal to feel things are going better and better at the end of our life, so that the result of moving further in this direction would take us to heaven. Sometimes, however, illness robs us of our power to do so. Often, this results in negative energy not only for the patient but also for everybody around him or her. This is something we should try to avoid.

Cancer has become Japan’s national affliction. It is the most common disease in the country. It is a disease so omnipresent, anybody could be affected by it. But this also means that anybody could heal it. The disease most likely to hit is also the disease that is easiest to heal.

I knew somebody who suffered from leukemia. This person was doing a job he did not enjoy at all. He was not cut out for a management position but somehow he ended up being responsible for a major organization. Then he was diagnosed with leukemia. ‘If I don’t let him quit this job’, I thought, ‘he is never going to get better.’ So I let him quit, and 6 months later, his health had made a complete recovery. People working in positions that exceed their abilities or are not suited to them often get sick. I would like to draw everybody’s attention to this phenomenon.

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You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part2)
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