You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part2)
Q&A with Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science

Step 7 to curing cancer

Finding out the cause of sickness

We should also work on discovering the ‘supernatural powers’ inside ourselves that help us find out the cause of sickness. If somebody gets sick because the relationships with those around that person have gone bad, for example, looking at the situation should enable him or her to eliminate the causes for sickness, and this may help him or her heal.

At one of our Happy Science workshops, there was a young man who asked me to take a look at his previous incarnations because he believed he had been an alien in a previous life, so I conducted an extraterrestrial reading* session with him. Within seconds I was able to obtain the information that he had previously been a Martian living under the ground, and did not like bright sunshine.

I only learned this after our session, but this young man had been suffering from atopic eczema every time he was directly exposed to sunlight. After our session, his skin became smooth and silky, and he never suffered from eczema due to sun exposure again.

There are many cases in which, as soon as the cause of the disease becomes known, the patient recovers within seconds. Sometimes it is easier for the people around the patient to discover the cause, so if you see somebody suffers and you have a hunch why they are sick, please tell them about it.

Today I am speaking in front of large audiences. I am sorry I have to hear questions from a person at a time and cannot offer advice to everybody individually. If this was possible, I could heal any sickness that may trouble you. When I started Happy Science, I would conduct individual healing sessions, but I had hardly done it for a year when I became too busy to continue.

I guess Happy Science has become too big. Please do not get too sad about this (laughter in the audience). Anyway, here’s some happy news: I am presently working on the publication of a book that explains the relationship between mind and illness and will help a lot of people get healthy.

*Among those living on earth, some have inherited the souls of extraterrestrials because these souls have been reincarnated as human beings. In extraterrestrial readings, Master Okawa looks at these souls’ memories from their extraterrestrial life. He conducts extraterrestrial readings using a special supernatural power only high spiritual beings possess.

Step 8 to curing cancer

Using ‘The Dharma of the Right Mind’ to avert negative spiritual influences

Most diseases caused by spiritual factors can be healed using ‘The Dharma of the Right Mind’*. Even if the disease is too serious and the patient cannot read, it is enough to repeatedly listen to its CD in order to understand the content. Simply by playing the CD, the patient will be blessed.

If an illness is brought on by spiritual factors, it is important to find out what spiritual powers are exerting an influence on the patient and help the patient overcome them by good spiritual influence. If this is achieved, the patient is healed. When the spirit of somebody who died of cancer possesses a living person, in many cases this person also gets cancer. If the same symptoms appear, this assumption is likely. To avert the spiritual forces at play in such cases, it is important to implant the Buddha’s Truth (the teaching of Happy Science) deep in the patient’s heart and mind.

I believe the fact that you were able to ask me questions today has initiated the flow of light (the spiritual power to heal illness). I can reach the right people with the flow of light even if I do not address everybody individually. Because you have asked me your questions today, the One who is watching over you from above has come to be with you and will keep an eye on those dear to you and protect them from now on. When you go home tonight, send a sincere prayer from the depth of your heart, and I am sure you will soon find that things have changed for the better.

*This is the main sutra of Happy Science. It is given when you join Happy Science at any Happy Science branch. For information on how to join Happy Science or get a hold of ‘The Dharma of the Right Mind’ please use the following link:About our Happy Science membership

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You Can Cure Cancer Yourself (part2)
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