The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
An excerpt of the spiritual messages

《Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Mitt Romney》

February 14, 2012

Calling Down the Guardian Spirit of Mitt Romney

Okawa : May I ask Mitt Romney’s guardian spirit to come over to Japan? We need your advice. We need your help. We need your opinion. We need to know what you’re thinking about. We Japanese want to know about the new American president, so come over here, Mr. Mitt Romney’s guardian spirit. Come over here. Come down to Ryuho Okawa.

MC: Hello? Is this Mr. Romney?

Guardian Spirit of Romney : Oh, hello! Hello! Ah, yeah!

MC: Thank you for joining us for this interview with Happy Science, in Tokyo.

G.S. of Romney : Thank you. I’m very, very, very busy.

MC: Thanks so much. Since who will become the next president of the United States is so important, …

G.S. of Romney : It’s me, that’s the conclusion. That’s all. Short interview, alright?

Great Angel Moroni Says, “Realize God’s Justice.”

Ayaori: In the presidential campaign, your Mormon faith is a topic of concern.

G.S. of Romney : Oh, Mormonism. The first question is about Mormonism!?

Ayaori: How strong, or to what extent, is your faith in Mormonism?

G.S. of Romney : I’m a public figure, so I must speak sincerely. So, I dare say, I have deep faith in Mormon. Is that a problem?

Ayaori: Is there any part of the Mormon teachings you would like to realize in national politics?

G.S. of Romney : No, no, no. Politics and religion are quite different. So, politics is politics. But our founders – Mr. Joseph Smith and Mr. Brigham Young – they wanted to be presidents of the United States of America; I know about that. So, my becoming president of the United States of America will make them happier, I hope. That’s all.
But in America, religion and politics are different, I think.

Ayaori: You are the guardian spirit of Mr. Romney and are now in the Spirit World. Do you often talk to Brigham Young and Joseph Smith?

G.S. of Romney : No, no. They are very great people, so I can’t speak to them. I can’t, I can’t.

Tsuiki: If so, from whom do you receive spiritual guidance?

G.S. of Romney : Maybe one of the angels; his name is known as Great Angel Moroni (Note1).

Ayaori: Then, what do you think of Christian Catholics or Protestants? If you are to become the president of the United States, what are you going to do with them?

G.S. of Romney : Ah, it’s OK. It’s OK. No problem. It’s OK.

Ayaori: What kind of things does Moroni tell you? What kind of advice do you receive from him?

G.S. of Romney : He usually says to me, “Please realize God’s justice in this world.”

Ayaori: What is this “justice” that you speak of? Are you referring to America’s duty as the world’s policeman? Is it the same as that?

G.S. of Romney : No, it’s a little different. It means the justice of God; I mean faith, Christian faith. We also believe in Jesus Christ. It’s justice from Jesus Christ.

Ayaori: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, sure, surely. Sure, sure, surely!

Ayaori: I know this may sound confusing, but when we previously summoned Mr. Brigham Young, he told us he was Jesus Christ himself (Spiritual Messages from Brigham Young, Mormonism’s Second President, given on February 11, 2012).

G.S. of Romney : Really? No, he’s a “Moses.” Not Jesus.

Ayaori: We are also taking a religious stance, so we are concerned with what Mr. Young told us the other day. We understand that Mormonism is not an orthodox Christian faith. As someone who may become the president, and who has strong faith in Mormonism, people will wonder whether or not you are eligible to become an American president. What do you think of this?

G.S. of Romney : If you are a firm believer in Christianity, you have the right to ask me about that question, but you aren’t. So, you must be tolerant.
Note 1: In Mormonism, Moroni was a prophet in ancient North America who inscribed the golden plates that later became the basis of The Book of Mormon. He is believed to have become an angel after he died, often appeared before Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism and showed him where the golden plates were buried. However, his existence has never been confirmed.

Become Friends with China and Cut the Military Budget

Ayaori: I’ll now ask you about foreign diplomacy. You previously mentioned that America’s role as the world’s policeman will change in some sense. What kind of responsibilities will America take in the world from now on?

G.S. of Romney : My main concern is about the economy, so we must cut the military budget, assist many firms to hire employees, and lead America to prosperity. That is the main concern.
I’m different from Ron (Paul). Ron insists that he wants to cut the entire military budget. But it’s much too extreme. I don’t think in that way.
But, we must change. We should ask our colleagues in the Asian area, for example, Japan, the Philippines, India, Korea, and of course, Australia to protect themselves with their own military power. Then, we can save our military budget.
My first task is to make the prosperity of Wall Street, the American economy, and to cut the jobless rate down to a lower level. It’s a main promise of mine.

Tsuiki: Are you not interested in the military affairs of China? I know you’re proposing to stand firm against them in international trade.

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, we are firm believers of God, and the God of Mormon likes world peace. So, we will become friends with China. It’s our main policy.

Ayaori: If you become the president and serve eight years, until 2020, it is highly possible that during this period China will try to integrate Taiwan. Are you thinking of defending Taiwan?

G.S. of Romney : Taiwan. Taiwan. Taiwan… In my view, Taiwan seems to belong to Greater China. So, I don’t know the exact knowledge concerning the relationship between Taiwan and Greater China, but is that any more of a problem?

Tsuiki: One more thing; regarding North Korea, what do you think of North Korea?

G.S. of Romney : I like the Middle Way, like old Buddhism. So, the time when they should finish their destiny, will come. But ’til that time, we should make efforts to be friends with them, I think.

Ayaori: Are you not too concerned about the nuclear development in North Korea? It’s been said that they’ll be ready in another year or two.

G.S. of Romney : They can attack Japan, of course, but they cannot attack the United States of America, so we have enough time.

Tsuiki: But they’re also developing nuclear missiles that could reach America.

G.S. of Romney : No, no. They are not so stupid. They can’t fight with the United States of America. Our Navy SEALs is a very great power, so we can destroy them within three days. That’s our power. They know about that, so they won’t threaten us.
But, if they forget their promise with God, I mean the justice of God, then at that time only, we’ll make efforts to end your problem.

America Is Not the Policeman of the World Anymore

Ayaori: To sum up what you have said so far, it seems America will cut its military budget while China will increase its military budget and expand towards the Pacific. If that happens, America won’t be able to do anything if something were to happen, will it?

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, that’s manifest destiny of the near future. We have a great financial deficit. Manifest Destiny. If we, Americans, want to survive, we must shrink our military budget. No one can change the fate of this political matter.

Tsuiki: There are issues in the Middle East as well; there is nuclear development in Iran, and the government is oppressing the movement to democratize Syria.

G.S. of Romney : It’s a matter of Israel. Israel has enough military power to control Iranian military power. Israel is a great power; it is the world’s second in military power. And of course, it already has nuclear power, so they can attack Iran. They will attack Iran, and the end of Iran will come soon. So we don’t need money.

Ayaori: You’ve talked about realizing God’s justice, but compared to President Obama, it seems as if you will be decreasing America’s role in the world.

G.S. of Romney : Oh, Obama. Oh no, no more Obama. He’s a destroyer of the United States of America, the American economy. Destroyer of the American economy. He doesn’t know much about economics. But I do; I can make money.
And I want to make Salt Lake City the capital of the United States of America, instead of Washington, D.C. Salt Lake City must become the center of the world.

Tsuiki: Does that mean you’ll make Mormonism the national religion?

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I’m just a starting point of that long, long road.

Tsuiki: While you speak of “God’s justice,” to me, it simply sounds like just a “no war” ideology.

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, I hope so. I hope so. We don’t want to waste any money.

Tsuiki: In that case, however, in Asia and the Middle East, many people will suffer a series of conflicts. Asia will especially suffer from Chinese expansion and domination. I have some doubts as to whether or not God’s justice will be established in such a world.

G.S. of Romney : We are not the policeman of the world anymore. We should concentrate on American matters only. We have the FBI; the FBI controls only American states. That’s enough.
We rely on Japan. Japan will control Asia and we have great reliance on that. You will become the Japanese Prime Minister and then, you yourself should solve these problems.

Only I Can Save Wall Street

Ayaori: In the domestic economy, you achieved great success as a business executive. Your management ability is what I think is gathering expectations.
On the other hand, people say that you have no concrete plans to revive the American economy. Do you have a plan that will distinguish yourself from President Obama?

G.S. of Romney : I’m not Obama. I don’t hate Wall Street. I love Wall Street. I love money. I love Mammon. Oh! No, no, no, no, no! I love the welfare of the people of America.
Obama is a communist, I think. His idea is from communism; he’s a communist, but I am a capitalist. They are quite different.
Please rely on me. I can help the American economy be stronger and stronger; it’s my fate, my destiny to make the American economy stronger and stronger. Only I can save Wall Street and I can save the American economy.

Ayaori: If I take it as you say it, then only Wall Street will be revived.

G.S. of Romney : No, no, no, Wall Street is the heart of the American economy. It’s essential, crucial, and very important. Of course, this is the heart of the American economy. Then, other counties will get money from Wall Street, and it will circle all around America.

Ayaori: That’s where you’re being criticized by people. Especially about the taxes and how you’re not paying much of them. The income tax should be 30%(Note 2), but you only pay 13 or 14%. In that sense, wealth gathers in Wall Street, but in reality, money may not be flowing. That’s what’s being said.

G.S. of Romney : No, no, no, no. You must evaluate the price of wisdom. It’s the price of wisdom, not a matter of taxes. It’s just the price of wisdom. The same kind of people as me, can earn money and save taxes; they can. If they have enough knowledge and wisdom regarding the economy, they can.
Note 2: Maximum income tax is 35% in the United States, however, taxes on capital gains and stock dividends are reduced to a maximum of 15%.

Mr. Romney Was a King in Carthage in a Past Life

Ayaori: Lastly, about Mammon; could you please tell me your thoughts about Mammon?

G.S. of Romney : Haha. It was a joke, but you can’t understand my joke.

Ayaori: To me, it felt as if those words were your honest feelings.

G.S. of Romney : The fundamental American faith or belief is toward Mammon, but it’s a top secret. Don’t say it to anyone.

Ayaori: Is it a faith within Wall Street? The wealthy…

G.S. of Romney : All American people believe in Mammon, but it’s a top secret. They believe in Jesus Christ, formally.

Ayaori: Do you often talk to Mammon?

G.S. of Romney : It’s a crucial question. I can’t answer. I can’t answer it. Mammon is an American national faith.

Ayaori: Right now, you’re born as Mr. Romney, but I would like to know your activities in the past. This is a Buddhist concept, reincarnation. Assuming there is reincarnation, what kinds of activities have you done in your past life?

G.S. of Romney : Reincarnation, you mean? Reincarnation… I was born around the Mediterranean Sea. I was a king. I was a king.

Tsuiki: Was it in Carthage?

G.S. of Romney : Do you understand Carthage? Do you understand the Punic War?

Tsuiki: Ah, the Punic War. Yes.

G.S. of Romney : Yeah, yeah. At that time, I was one of the kings. My great commander was Hannibal.

Tsuiki: Baal faith was the faith in Carthage.

G.S. of Romney : You…why do you know that?

Tsuiki: I was interested in it, so I know. Then, you were someone of Baal faith.

G.S. of Romney : Tsk, tsk… hmm…. tsk…Cunning.

Ayaori: Thank you very much for your thoughts today, despite your busy schedule.

G.S. of Romney : Are you supporters of… Romney? When I become the next president, your decision is…? Hmm? Hmm?

Ayaori: We’ll give it a thought when that time comes. (Audience laughs.)

G.S. of Romney : You like money, right? We’re the same?

Ayaori: We’d like to hope for great work as the American president.

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The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
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