The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
An excerpt of the spiritual messages

Hoping for the Judicious Choice of American People

Reviewing what these 3 guardian spirits have said, Gingrich’s guardian spirit seems to be most reliable for reviving the U.S.’s role as “the world’s policeman” and bringing “the strong America” back. Considering the world power balance, he might be a good choice for the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

Gingrich has been controversial in his remarks such as “The U.S. should recognize the independence of Taiwan” “We need a strategy of defeating and replacing the current Iranian regime with minimum use of force.” Gingrich’s clear stance of protesting freedom and the values of democracy seems most suitable for the President of the United States. Gingrich’s catch-up on “Super Tuesday,” the primaries and caucuses will be held in 10 states on March 6, 2012 would be something interesting to see.

On the other hand, the interest of Romney’s guardian spirit is concentrated in the domestic economy. He did not show interest in the security of the East Asian region. Although Romney has announced tough proposals such as adding $ 30 billion to the defense budget and strengthening the capacity of U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific Ocean region in order to incorporate conservatives, his real intention seems to be apparently different.

The guardian spirit of Santorum stated that he has no clear vision in national security and economic policy, and also said “the next ten years China will dominate the world.” Santorum has the diplomatic policy that is based on the Reagan-style strategy of “peace through strength,” but here again, the same as Romney, his true intension seems to be different. Even if he is elected president, the question remains whether he really implements it.

Four years ago, Master Okawa had summoned President Obama’s guardian spirit. As Obama’s spiritual message had implied the subsequent fate of the U.S., these interviews with the guardian spirits of 3 candidates might be meaningful for American people to think who would be the best choice. In the end, we are hoping that the most suitable candidate will be chosen as the President by the will of American people.

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The interview with the guardian spirits of Romney and Santorum. Who will bring “the Strong America” back again?
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