The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2


Planting the seed of freedom in the world

(after Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit has returned to the spirit world)

Master Ryuho Okawa: Wow, he turned out to be a major historical figure. The world’s greatest politician! It seems like there is another vision of the world out there, besides our own. He says they will defeat us.

What we want to achieve is spread the faith in El Cantare in the world and plant the cultural seed to start a resistance movement in every country. It is vital to plant the seed of freedom.
This man we met possesses great clout as a war hero. We may not yet know everything about his identity but we know for certain that he is one of the best the world has seen when it comes to military affairs.

And Činggis Qan did not only have a strong command of military affairs – he was also a great imperial ruler, which makes him formidable. Xi Jinping, a more advanced version of Činggis Qan now looks as far as Africa to establish his empire, suggesting turbulent times ahead.

By 2020, he wants to put an end to the US world domination. And, as you can see, he thinks Japan is no match for China. China is tightening the noose around Japan. We have to keep fighting our spiritual battle. (end of quote)

The complete edition of the conversation summarized here was published in Japan under the title “The Man Who Wants to Rule the World”. In this, another previous incarnation of Xi Jinping and Činggis Qan is identified who established an empire in the Middle East.

Xi Jinping who has succeeded in establishing empires many times in the past has returned in the 21st century to create an enormous world empire. If this really happens, Chinese language and currency will become the standard, and freedom of speech and religion will not be granted unless they support the system. In his words, this is the “spirit of the world”, but if we look at current developments, it seems to be the exact opposite of liberation movements like the Arab Spring that have recently sprung up everywhere.

Is there anybody on this earth who can stop a military genius of this caliber? If anyone can do it, it would probably be the person able to use his spiritual power to summon this genius’s guardian spirit and send him back to the spirit world. Master Ryuho Okawa, our beacon of hope, emphasized that Japan needs to keep fighting this spiritual (not military) battle and plant in the world what lies at the core of Happy Science: the seed of freedom.

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The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2
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