The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2

MC: The Yuan were defeated by the Japanese twice when they tried to invade Japan in the 13th century, correct?

XJ: Don’t bring up such insignificant matters. (tutting)

MC: Do you know what the word “karma” means? You may be Činggis Qan, but fact is fact: the Yuan were able to attach Japan, but they couldn’t defeat it. (The Mongol Invasions happened under the reign of his grandson Khubilai).

XJ: You are talking about karma. If the Japanese text books teach that the Yuan was failed in the two Mongol invasions, I will make you re-write the text books.

ES: I am stunned by the news that you are Činggis Qan. People around the world will be interested about this.

XJ: That’s right. You better surrender soon.

ES: What happened to you after you died?

XJ: I went to Heaven and became a god. What do you mean what happened? I am the greatest god in the world!

Being wary of religion

MC: Why did the Yuan go under? And how will China tackle its weaknesses in the future?

XJ: Of course at some point the empire will crumble. When your talent is too great, it’s hard to find somebody to follow in your footsteps. If your successor is not powerful enough, your empire disintegrates, and the dynasty changes.
But God wants world empires to be established. That’s why now and then in history, people emerge who try to achieve this. I said Hitler was small and insignificant, right? He couldn’t even unify Europe. I am one of the few who have actually established world empires before.

MC: So when China crumbles, it will disintegrate?

XJ: The US tried to establish a world empire, and they managed to control a lot of the world, including their victory against Japan. But since then they have failed. As they cannot establish a world empire, they keep threatening other countries, trying to subdue them.
Coca Cola and hamburgers may have spread across the globe, but in the end, American culture was unable to rule the world. America is past its peak and is presently losing power. It needs a replacement.

MC: Do you recognize the existence of religion?

XJ: Sure. As long as it is not an obstacle to the nation.

MC: Are you a religious person yourself?

XJ: Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m not. The “Freedom of Religion” you talk about – I believe if it makes the nation disintegrate, it can be an obstacle. To use religion as a principle to rule nations is fine. But take a look at the British, for example. They were unable to rule India because Indian religion was too obstinate. They burned their fingers on the Indians’ religion and failed to turn India into a Christian country. In this sense, religion can be a threat of establishing imperial rule. This is why I’m wary of religion.
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The Key Player in 2012: Xi Jinping’s Secret Ambitions 2
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