The Earth says: All you need is Love
God of Planet Earth El Cantare Gives Guidance to World Nations

The El Cantare Celebration, one of the two largest annual events of Happy Science, took place in Saitama Super Arena, one of Japan’s largest multipurpose arenas, on the night of Dec. 14 (in Japan local time).

Happy Science founder and CEO Master Ryuho Okawa gave a lecture entitled “The Earth says: All you need is Love.” The event was broadcasted live in 3,500 locations around the world and in Japan through Happy Science’s transit network.

Before the lecture, the main theme song titled “There Goes a Patriot Girl” (music and lyrics by Ryuho Okawa), to the movie “The Cherry Bushido” that is planned for release on Feb. 18, 2022, was performed for the first time by Sae Shinohara from the ARI Production.

The music video for the song “The Descent of Ame-no-Mioya-Gami” (El Cantare Celebration special edition) sang by the singer Kazuya Daimon and written and composed by Ryuho Okawa was presented right before the lecture as well.

In the beginning, Master Okawa stated that the Japanese civilization began around 30,000 years ago when Ame-no-Mioyagami descended to the bottom of Mt. Fuji from space. Around 200,000 people arrived with him in hundreds of ships.

Ame-no-Mioyagami is the God who created Heaven and Earth in Shintoism and is the same being referred to as “God the Father” by Christians, “Elohim” by Jews, “Allah” by Muslims and “Shangdi” by Confucius.

Master Okawa continued to explain the teachings of Ame-no-Mioyagami. This included the importance of “humans to live righteously as children of God and Buddha” and the different teachings that were given to men and women that encouraged them to work together to build an ideal nation.

“The religious aspect of Ame-no-Mioyagami’s teachings consisted of his emphasis on courtesy and reverence. He clearly stated that material things on Earth were not everything. He spoke that the true world is the spiritual world that comes after our time on Earth. He firmly stated that even though our life on Earth is limited, the afterlife exists, so people must not live lives that they will regret later… I think the origin of Bushido lies here.”


The Two Billion Chinese Population Must Not Be Left Under Wrongful Materialistic Ideology

Furthermore, Master Okawa made a remark on the Confucian Academy that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is erecting around the world. Confucius’s teachings do not refer the spiritual world, making it a convenient tool for the CCP to use, with their materialistic ideology. However, Master Okawa stated that the world would be heading in the wrong direction if they begin to believe that absolute faith in science, atheism and materialism are the only true entities.

There are 1.4 billion people in China, and two billion if the Chinese population abroad is included; we must not let this many people carry on with their mistakes.


World is Dividing Because Biden Lacks Strategic Perspective

We can make the same materialistic remark on Europe and the U.S. as well.

Master Okawa stated that people may go to church on Sundays, but many will disregard their religious perspectives on weekdays during work as they chase after money: “Looking at the world as a whole, it is undeniable that faith is thinning while material luxuries and the profit-centered way of thinking is increasing,” he pointed out.

In addition, the Biden administration ran on unity and peace, but Master Okawa cautioned that “in reality, he is creating a bigger divide and increasing the possibility of war.”

“To say the least, the U.S. made enemies with Russia, which was not the case during Mr. Trump’s administration. In addition, they are making enemies with China. And Iran. Other Islamic nations besides Iran will follow. Southeast Asia will soon face repercussions as well. In several nations, the prelude for a war has already begun. I believe that Mr. Biden’s lack of strategic perspective is the cause of all this.”


Greatest Messiah to Be Born on Earth Gives Guidance to World Nations

Towards the end of the lecture, Master Okawa described how Sri Lanka received a huge loan from China to build ports and ultimately was granted a 99 year lease as part of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative.

Knowing this, he still gave the following guidance to nations including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran and Africa as a messiah with a clear, piercing perspective on the world.

“Right now, the Chinese military occupies much of the surrounding areas around Nepal and Bhutan as well as India’s borders. Vietnam is still resisting, but many areas are slowly giving way due to capital temptation. However, I must say that you must not sell your soul to money. …. Nepal, I believe you will listen to this lecture broadcast on television, but do not sell your nation. Sri Lanka and India, you must be careful as well. Pakistan, you are hostile against India, but if you are Islamic, then why do you not try to help the primarily Muslim Uyghur people suffering in the concentration camps? What about the other Islamic nations?”

“How about Iran? You have a 25-year oil investment deal with China. Some things are necessary to secure food. … However, this will eventually lead to national ruin. Therefore, the countries who say they stand by religion too must reevaluate whether they are truly heading in the right direction. Iran, too, please stop your rush to build a nuclear weapon! Its creation will lead to a same fate as Iraq. … If Israel and Iran both have nuclear weapons, then Israel will survive. Iran will perish. Please listen to my words and withhold. Westernize. Incorporate democracy. That is the way of survival!”

“In the end, we must head towards a world that will increase each individual’s value. I understand Buddhism, Japanese Shintoism, India’s religions, Christianity and Judaism. I understand Islam as well! However, I believe that the Islamic Fundamentalism must be changed! If it is not, then your people will go down the wrong path and fall. …The age of abundance with the supply of fuel will almost come to an end. That is why you must each choose the path to create your jobs to progress your nations.”

“I am addressing this to the African population as well. Islam is spreading. However, most of it is spreading to poor nations. That is the area it is spreading to. The political regime similar to that of communism is spreading. However, know that true God teaches a way for everyone to live abundant lives using your own powers! Do not take my words lightly!”

At the end, Master Okawa called to the audience around the globe to spread the contents of this lecture to neighbors, and to believe his words and follow him.

El Cantare, our Lord, who has loved and nurtured humanity since the beginning has made a statement to the whole world.

The Earth says: All you need is Love
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