What’s After Covid? China Will Spread Anthrax

China intends on launching another biological weapon amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, the spotlight is on Covid-19 variants in places such as South Africa and Colombia in South America as these variants have the potential to reduce Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness.

If these variants spread worldwide, we will observe rapid reduction in the significance of vaccinations, and it will create turbulence in which people will begin taking vaccines repeatedly similarly to flu shots. It’s about time we realize that herd immunity as a result of vaccination is an illusion.

We are against excessive reliance on Covid-19 vaccines for a simple reason: Covid-19 is a biological weapon made by China. As we have introduced in past articles, China is distributing the coronavirus to weaken hypothetical enemies including the U.S., Europe and India.

Covid-19 vaccination inevitably takes on the appearance of a cat-and-mouse game, making it impossible to settle the Covid-19 pandemic in a short timeframe. It is almost certain that sixth and seventh waves will occur. There is no choice but to move the economy forward on the premise of coexistence with the coronavirus.


Secondary Attack With Anthrax

It’s not just Covid. As detailed in the October issue of The Liberty Magazine (in Japanese Edition), China may launch a second biochemical war — the first war being the intentional spread of Covid-19 without much accusation from the international community.

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual reading of Yaidron, recorded in August, revealed anthrax as China’s next offensive weapon.

Anthrax is a rare infectious disease of animal origin, and the symptoms are divided into cutaneous (skin), inhalation (lungs) and gastrointestinal (stomach and intestine). In the case of gastrointestinal anthrax, it is indistinguishable from the initial symptoms of influenza. If treatment is neglected, the case fatality rate surpasses 80%.

The spiritual reading revealed a surprising fact, however. In China, a similar leakage to the coronavirus leakage broke out before China got around to the global spreading of anthrax, indicating that their next attack involves anthrax.

At least 66 cases of anthrax have already been announced in cities such as Shanxi, Shandong and Beijing (as of September), and the cases seem to be wide-ranging. Based on precedents of Chinese authorities censoring Covid-related news, we are not surprised if the actual damage is more than 100 times the current report.

Given that anthrax is a representative biological weapon, we have strong doubts that genetically-modified, manmade bioweapons, as with the coronavirus, are spreading throughout China. In some U.S. states, “unusual” anthrax cases have been reported among livestock such as cattle. We suspect these cases to be related to the spread of anthrax in China.




Anthrax: the Most ‘Ideal’ Biological Weapon

The Liberty spoke with a biochemical weapons expert and an internationally renowned authority on toxicology research about the threat of anthrax.


Colorado State University
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Anthony Tu

Born in Taipei in 1930. After graduating from National Taiwan University under Japanese rule, Dr. Tu studied biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame, Stanford University and Yale University. His books include “Overall View of Chemical and Biological Weapons” published in 2001.

Anthrax, which is widespread in China, is often transmitted to veterinarians, butchers and hunters who are in close contact with animals. It is rarely transmitted to people who are unrelated to animals.

The anthrax case-fatality rate varies depending on the route of exposure to Bacillus anthracis spores. The transdermal route (cutaneous anthrax) has a case-fatality rate of 3%, the oral route (gastrointestinal anthrax) has a rate between 25 and 30% and the inhalation anthrax (lung) has a case-fatality rate that reaches 80 to 100%.


Identifying the Biological Terrorist Took Seven Years

Anthrax is a bacterial disease that can be the most “ideal” biological weapon. Anthrax spores are highly resistant to sunlight and heat, so many countries possess them as biological weapons. Once upon a time in India, many cows died from anthrax. There was a case in which corpses were buried in the ground, and once people dug them up about 100 years later, the disease spread again. Anthrax has an extremely high survival ability.

In 2001, an anonymous culprit mailed powdered anthrax spores in the U.S., resulting in five deaths and 17 people injured due to inhalation anthrax.

Immediately after this incident, the media interviewed me, asking if this was a case of biological terrorism. If it was indeed terrorism, similar damage would break out one after another, but since there was only one case at the time, I speculated that it was not terrorism. From the next day onwards, however, many other casualties were discovered. I changed my mind and thought it must be biological terrorism.

There are two main ways to specify and identify a biological weapon.

The first way is to find out the source of an anthrax strain. With this case in the U.S., it turned out to be the same strain owned by the U.S. Army.

The second way is to examine the base sequence, which is the DNA of the bacterium. The DNA arrangement of anthrax used in the case showed a 99% match to that owned by the U.S. Army, reducing the suspects to U.S. military personnel.

With that said, it took some time to conclude that this was a case involving a biological weapon. It remained unknown for the first two to three weeks.

It took seven years from the occurrence of the incident to reach the person who seemed to be guilty.


Anthrax Can Be Carried Via Airplanes and Spread to Enemy Nations

It’s not so difficult to spread anthrax to foreign countries. All you have to do is put the anthrax spores in a bottle, bring it to another country, go outside and release it. It didn’t become a big deal, but a scientist from one particular country once carried anthrax by plane and brought it to the U.S. For instance, diplomats are exempt from baggage inspections at airports, so they can theoretically bring biochemical weapons to enemy nations and conduct terrorism.

Anthrax is researched undercover in any country, and the U.S. has a system in place to collect data on anthrax and take defensive measures against it. But I don’t think they have all the China-related details.

Modern genetic engineering is extremely advanced. I believe it is within technical capability for countries to genetically modify anthrax so human-to-human transmission becomes possible or perhaps increase or decrease the mortality rate. Each country should be conducting some research in these regards.

Globally, we must abandon the common knowledge that biochemical weapons are not being used, and instead, prepare for them.


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What’s After Covid? China Will Spread Anthrax
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