Xi Jinping Beat Trump Administration—His Next Strategy?

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World history is at a transitional stage. The Trump administration, a nemesis of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has left, and Mr. Biden, who is suspected of having relationships with China, has taken office. When the majority of the votes came in for the U.S. election, China already began closing in on pro-Democratic Hong Kong. Mr. Biden adapted the phrase, “strategic patience,” which was used by the Obama administration to stand by East Asian conflicts, although he afterwards retracted that he has no intention of adopting a policy framework of strategic patience with China.

The CCP celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021. What are the current feelings and plans of President Xi Jinping, who got rid of his nuisance?


“I won against the U.S. because they were unaware of Chinese military tactics.”

Happy Science CEO, Master Ryuho Okawa, conducted Xi Jinping’s spiritual reading titled “Xi Jinping’s Current Thoughts” on Feb. 5. It is available in Happy Science temples and shojas.

Xi Jinping’s very first words were his outlook on the year.

“Humanity has entered an age when 1.4 billion people in China unite to create the future of the world. This is the meaning of the 100th anniversary of the CCP.”

We observed his growing confidence for world domination.

The U.S. presidential election was a major turning point for him. Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit made the following comment regarding Mr. Biden’s victory: “I never thought things would go this smoothly.”

There are scarcely any Americans who study ancient Chinese military strategy and reasoned that this was why Americans cannot win against China, where everyone is a strategist. The famous Sun Tzu revealed that besides the widely known tactics, there are many hidden and untranslated ones.

Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit even admitted manipulating the system in this presidential election so that those who supported Mr. Trump would be perceived as crazy while those who supported Mr. Biden would be seen as the proper ones. In regard to the Black Lives Matter movement that occurred across the nation starting with George Floyd’s death, Mr. Xi’s spirit commented that “They completely fell for it. The U.S. mass media put all their energy there,” and that, “Strategically speaking, that was Mr. Trump’s biggest weakness, so it was important to publicize it.” This suggested China’s involvement in the violence of the black lives movement.

Furthermore, he elaborated on specific schemes in the past 10 years, such as having the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Mr. Obama, which was set up as part of the “war” against the U.S., and industries that he reached out to.


Plan to Eliminate Putin After Trump

What kind of strategy does the Xi Jinping administration have in store?

Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit speaks on his timeline for world hegemony. He comments, “After Trump has gone down; we need to defeat Russia. This is pretty obvious if we want to become the emperor of the world.” President Putin, who came from the KGB and long led his administration, is difficult to handle and “is a danger,” revealing that they have already begun anti-Putin initiatives.

In addition, he continues, “nuclear weapons should be disarmed. Then they can get the Nobel Peace Prize,” which outlined his schemes to let Mr. Biden obtain the Nobel Peace Prize, which would further weaken the U.S. military. “The U.S. will become a nation like Mexico,” he said.

He plans to contain Europe and “in the end, destroy Great Britain,” firmly believing that “Europe will die of the coronavirus.” This showed that the coronavirus is most likely the main strategy against Europe.


Space Beings Combine With Xi Jinping Guardian Spirit

Where does his confidence for dictatorship come from?

This connects all the way to the space aliens that secretly provide China with technological support. Alien technology support has been rumored in the U.S. in places like Area 51. However, Master Okawa has also revealed through various spiritual readings that a different species of aliens is providing technology to China.

In fact, in the few spiritual readings in the past, Mr. Xi Jinping seemed unaware of the details of this assistance. However, in this reading, he seemed to have a clear understanding of the situation. When the interviewer asked about this difference, we found out that an alien’s consciousness has actually merged with Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit.


God of Love and Mercy, or “God” of Pure Power

The alien stated that they came from a galaxy with three suns, and have numerously interfered with Earth’s history in the past to support totalitarian power. For instance, they have fought to destroy democratic powers like ancient Egypt and Greece. They also collide with “opposing forces” in other, various places of the galaxy, and Earth is apparently one battlefield of a larger-scale space war.

Mr. Xi’s guardian spirit (with the combined space person) describes the similarities between all its “opposing forces”: “From my perspective, it seems like a God who teaches of weak philosophies like love, mercy and self-reflection, but sometimes talks of justice and uses force—a strange God that is reminiscent of both man and woman… ours is more manly. They destroy the weak. The strong prosper.”

He also elaborated on the role of dark space, stating, “In the galaxy, we believe we are the mainstream. The galaxy is usually dark. But there are sometimes those who try to light this world. There must be someone who extinguishes this flame. We have to extinguish this before the galaxy burns.”

It was also revealed that it was their second time destroying the American civilization: the first occurred in 2, 3 B.C. when they “destroyed the then-prospering red race civilization by nuclear warfare.” The current Nevada deserts were apparently its center of civilization.


War For Space Domination Already Begun

The spirit revealed a part of its in-progress strategy for hegemony, his ambitions relating to the “zero carbon emission” movement and plans to immigrate space people. Meanwhile, he analyzed the reason why he could not win against Yaidron in other planets, and why they were unable to fulfill their ambition in the past during former times of imperialism.

“There were already pre-existing, firm beliefs in Christianity and Islam. We surpassed them in practical and technological aspects, but I think the major cause of defeat was that we couldn’t establish a religion-like establishment for the Earthlings.”

He once again repeated his philosophy, “I don’t like democracy. Belief that humans have the essence of Buddha within, that we are children of God—I can’t believe any of it. The galaxy is made of dark matter and there is only the singularity of darkness.”

Learning from past mistakes, he plans to “export Xi Jinping’s thoughts throughout the world,” spread materialism in nations such as India, and turn them into atheist nations and win this war of brainwashing. “China’s allies must occupy more than half of Earth,” he indicated.

Regarding his plan to immigrate the alien souls, they are already performing experiments to crossbreed a human and an alien. They boasted of “outperforming Hitler.”

Things beyond our imagination are about to happen.

The above content only covers a small part of the actual spiritual reading. Other points listed below are included:

  • Why they were able to create a virus with different effects based on race
  • The outlook of Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit on coronavirus’s low spread in Japan
  • From which galaxy and what kind of place the alien that combined with Xi Jinping’s guardian spirit comes from
  • Domination strategies against Europe, India, and the Middle East
  • A horrifying, galaxy-wide “experiment” performed against the Uighur and Tibetan people
  • Properties of human-made people being developed by China
  • The meaning behind the “spiritual dream” of a giant dragon that Master Okawa had in the summer of 2020
  • Is the God of dark space located beyond the black hole?
  • China’s plans against Japan and Taiwan
  • Will Africa become a laboratory to develop cloned people?
  • The frightening plan to integrate GAFA
  • Made in China vaccines steer people towards China?
  • How to control important American personnel from space
  • Is China building a base on the dark side of the moon to strengthen its alliance?
  • How China plans to utilize underwater natural resources

The above are only a small part of the spiritual reading.

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Xi Jinping Beat Trump Administration—His Next Strategy?
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