Looking Back From Year 2100—Decisive Points in History
Messiah Warns

Japan and the world are at a grave decisive point as they face Imperial China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, who is comparatively worse than Hitler.

Master Okawa has stated that we have already taken our first loss against Imperial China, and that “If we can predict other losses in the future, we must change some [of these scenarios].”

To do this, we must predict “What would happen if we reflected on the 21st century from the standpoint of year 2100” and reveal the “future” that we must change, said Master Okawa, as the “modern Messiah” (*1). This article seeks to form a conclusion by introducing some of the points he mentioned.

(*1) From “Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.”


Master Okawa spoke at a lecture, “With Savior,” in December of last year.


1st Decisive Point: Protecting Taiwan and Hong Kong

Master Okawa described the key points we must assume to stop the expansion of China:

“If I were to think about what we must do from the year 2100, I would think that if the city of Hong Kong were destroyed and the world acted as a bystander leaving China to do whatever it wanted to expand without any repercussions, then we would have let go of one of the opportunities to stop China. In short, we must protect Hong Kong.”

“The second point would be China taking Taiwan, a separate nation that Beijing continues to call its own through the “one nation, one policy” initiative. If they took Taiwan and the world pretended as if it never happened, it would create a repeat of Hitler’s acquisition of various nations.”

And what happens if Hong Kong and Taiwan are ruled by China? If the international community allows for the ceding of control of Hong Kong, then China will see that as an opportunity to invade Taiwan, increasing this risk.

Afterwards, China will begin to place missiles and submarines on Taiwan to intimidate Japan and the U.S., then rally support to get the U.S. military base out of Okinawa. This would push the Japan-residing U.S. army front from Japan to Hawaii due to China’s military pressure and anti-U.S. activities.

As a result, the U.S.-Japan alliance that Japan heavily relies on would be rendered useless, and China would take this chance to invade Okinawa. They will use Okinawa as a hostage to subdue Japan.

Meanwhile, China will continue to invade surrounding nations such as the Philippines, similar to Hitler, so it can “Chinafy” the whole Asian region—.

In this regards, protecting Hong Kong and Taiwan marks a decisive point that determines whether Asia will be consumed by China. It is a front that we must protect.


2nd Decisive Point: Make a Decision and Act, Like Kennedy

However, there are problems with the primary nations that oppose China as well. Master Okawa presented this issue by stating, “It continues to remain that [the various nations’] leaders are weak. Because the leaders are weak, it is uncertain whether they can make up their minds and act. Instead of stopping [China], they may end up with appeasement policies.”

Leader of major nations are allowing for China’s expansion, as did Prime Minister Chamberlain with Hitler’s.

We must turn our thoughts around 180 degrees here.

For instance, during the Cold War when the Soviet Union attempted to bring nuclear missiles to Cuba, a country so close to the U.S., Kennedy responded in a stern, unbudging manner unfearful of a war. This succeeded in getting the Soviet Union to retreat its missile base.

Kennedy’s actions stemmed from a strong desire to avoid the U.K.’s mistakes with its appeasement policy (*2). Similarly, world leaders must possess an unyielding will that would not tolerate this world to be ruled by evil totalitarianism.

(*2) Mr. Kennedy’s research topic during his Harvard University years was the U.K.’s appeasement policy, titled “Why England Slept.”



3rd Decisive Point: Japan Holds Key to Barricade China

Unfortunately, when looking at Japan’s political realm, there are no politicians who take a decisive stance against China. Even the so-called, strongly anti-Chinese congressmen in Japan have barely produced any results, despite their talks of China being a threat and having a pro-Taiwanese stance.

Looking back, there were three prime ministers during the Democratic Party administration, but all of these took on appeasement policies towards China in an attempt to befriend China for Japan’s stability.

As a reaction to these times, the Abe administration of the Liberal Democratic Party came about. However, its national defense plan merely consisted of responding against North Korea’s missile launch with an evacuation training. Article 9 of the Constitution remained in place, there were no drastic strengthening of defense, and it continued to turn a blind eye to the actual problems through its appeasement policy.

Master Okawa, however, clearly states:

“Japan is trying to survive like a bat—it is neither a bird, an animal nor a beast. However, there are things that they must decide on, fair and just. I believe they must decide ‘what is good and what is evil’; clearly indicate ‘what must be stopped.'”

Many Japanese people tend to underestimate the influence that they have on the world, but the truth is that Japan holds the key to forming an anti-China barricade. A majority of the world’s fate depends on Japan’s decisions.

If Japan, which sways between the U.S. and China, makes clear that it will follow “G7-style Western values” and abandon its appeasement policies, then China would be surrounded by cohesive international intention, and in no time the survival of the CCP could be jeopardized. Bluntly stating, Japan is in such a position right now.



Those Who Are Just, Continue to Be Just And Destroy Evil

As Jeremiah’s and Nichiren’s warnings indicate, nations and its people will perish if leaders neglect the words of God. What is required for Japan to carry out justice and build a prosperous future?

To summarize what we have talked about, the biggest point is to “protect Hong Kong and Taiwan at any cost.” This in turn will lead to the collapse of the CCP and prevent the expansion of Earth’s hell.

To do this, Japan must abandon its self-deprecating view that is ultimately causing them to please and appease others. Instead, they must regain the spirit of Bushido. Afterwards, they must overhaul the post-war policies including Article 9 of the Constitution and lend a helping hand to the people who suffer from the evil empire.

“What is right is right.” “What is wrong is wrong.” Japan must be able to clearly make these decisions and be reborn as a nation that exerts leadership on the world. This is what Japan, a nation blessed by God, should do.

It is the Messiah’s wish for us to view the world from God’s eyes and identify evil so they can win the battle on Earth.


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Looking Back From Year 2100—Decisive Points in History
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