‘Within a Year, America Will Regret Kicking Trump Out’ Prediction Comes True


Unity over division.

The rise of the Biden administration stood on this premise, but the world is becoming increasingly polarized.

Since last November’s U.S. presidential election, the Chinese government (and its affiliated Hong Kong government) has been cracking down on Hong Kong citizens. For example, the shift to an election system in which only “patriots” can run for office is advancing the move to turn Hong Kong into mainland China.

A military coup erupted in Myanmar in February, and over 1,000 Myanmar citizens died during the crackdown of the armed forces. More recently in August, the Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamic force, swept across Afghanistan in parallel with the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The Taliban took over the government, and armed combatants are further repressing the citizens.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating plummeted in dismay after the Biden administration committed to the early withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Mr. Biden’s decision was criticized as “a major blunder since the Vietnam War,” and even the liberal media, which has been committed to defending the Biden administration, has criticized the move.


The Effect of Choosing ‘A Great Ordinary Man’ as President

For many, the global turbulence that has been playing out within just nine months of the new administration may have caught them off guard.

However, this outcome was already predicted at the beginning of the year through spiritual readings conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa, the CEO of Happy Science.

“Within a year, people will start to regret kicking out Mr. Trump from office,” said R.A. Goal, a Messiah-certified being in the universe (Reference: R.A. Goal’s Words for the Future by Ryuho Okawa). A related spiritual reading found that China was behind the works of Myanmar’s military coup as well as the Taliban control of Afghanistan once they saw through Mr. Biden’s appeasement (References: “The Spiritual Message of Yaidron: How to Prevent the Fall of the World” spiritual recording, Will There Be Peace in Myanmar? by Ryuho Okawa).

Under “a great ordinary man” known as Mr. Biden, the U.S. is rapidly losing its global leadership, and as a result, totalitarian forces are expanding their territory.

What makes matters worse is Mr. Biden’s dislike of Russia. His outdated Cold War mindset, without any strategic backbone, will bring China and Russia together to join hands against the U.S. and other democratic nations.

Mr. Biden was elected for repeatedly denouncing Mr. Trump as a “divisionist,” but he is not aware that he himself is making a greater contribution to an increasingly divided world.

The act of seeking out popularity, and only popularity, is causing the fall of democracy. A sad prophecy is starting to become realized.


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‘Within a Year, America Will Regret Kicking Trump Out’ Prediction Comes True
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