Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture Report “Creation From Faith” in Times of Natural Disasters

July 12, 2020: Sohonzan Shoshinkan

“Creation from Faith”
Broadcasted simultaneously across Japan and the world

On July 12, Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a lecture entitled “Creation from Faith” at Sohonzan Shohinkan, a Happy Science facility located in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi Prefecture. The lecture was held for the Celebration of Lord El Cantare’s Descent, one of the two biggest events in Happy Science to celebrate Master Okawa’s birth, and it was broadcast simultaneously to 3,500 locations worldwide.


The Key to Countering Coronavirus Lies in Overcoming Your Fears

Currently, the coronavirus is spreading ferociously across the globe, hinting at the possibility of another Great Depression. In addition, countries such as Japan and China are facing heavy rain and floods, while places in Africa, South Asia, China and South America are facing swarms of grasshoppers and locusts.

Master Okawa spoke on the appropriate mindset to face the times of hardship.

Regarding many restrictions around Japan in fear of the coronavirus, Master Okawa declared that the virus hasn’t even reached the level of an organism — “I guarantee that you’ll be fine if you have the mindset that this level of threat won’t defeat you.” He pointed out that many serious cases arise when people’s fear incite the coronavirus.

“I don’t think you need to be so scared. The power of faith is enough to defeat the virus,” Master Okawa said. Master Okawa declared the name of God and His power as a savior to which people should turn to in times of natural disasters erupting all over the world.


Bring Back the Work Structure

During the first wave of the coronavirus, the Japanese federal and local government exercised requests for self-restraint on economic activities. Master Okawa warned the audience that these trends would be followed by a great depression.

Bankruptcy and unemployment cases would increase if the government keeps passing business suspension requests along with distributing compensation. If government spending keeps increasing at this rate, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) will go bankrupt and taxes will greatly increase.

Master Okawa emphasized that instead of depending on government policies to help them, people must overcome their fears and fight their way “back into normal work mode.” As part of that mindset, Master Okawa said, “No matter how hard you work, you will have to depart from this world someday…It’s important to feel and accept what your mission is.”


Power of Religion Subjugates Illnesses and Natural Disasters

Master Okawa proclaimed that “people are equal in death,” and that the real unhappiness is not death itself, but in dying unsatisfied without accomplishing anything. According to Master Okawa, you should live your day-to-day to the fullest and continue praying, while feeling and embracing what your mission in life is.

He also brought up an issue that people’s faith is weakening, and that, originally, religion has the power to subjugate unknown illnesses and natural disasters. During the lecture, Master Okawa explained how to elicit that power.

At the end of the lecture, Master Okawa gave an inspiring message to the audience: people “share the same source of Light of God and Buddha,” and advancements in politics, the economy, artistic prosperity and science are premised on the priority of faith.

Master Okawa spoke on the importance of hard work and diligence, and inspired the audience by declaring the following: “We need people who can give hope and courage.”

The lecture also covered various key points:

  • The minimal level of coronavirus infections in Japan
  • What can we learn from President Trump’s stance towards coronavirus prevention measures?
  • What miracles are Happy Science members from all over the world experiencing?
  • The reason why natural disasters are simultaneously erupting across the globe
  • What did the coronavirus pandemic “bless” us with?
  • The principles of modern politics, economy and military that are falling apart
  • Bank of Japan’s bankruptcy and the procedure to the age of tax increases
  • What we can learn today from the accomplishments of Gyoki, Kukai and Nichiren
  • What is the desired economics in the new age?
  • What is asked of China today?
Master Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture Report “Creation From Faith” in Times of Natural Disasters
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