U.S. Presidential Election; Trump vs. Biden Spiritual Reading
Biden Shows Weak Stance Against China While Trump Talks of Taking Down Xi Jinping

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The Democratic Party officially nominated Joe Biden as its candidate for the U.S. presidential election that will be held on November 3rd, while the Republican Party nominated the incumbent Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention that began on August 24th.

As this important election approaches, which will determine the future of the world, Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa recorded a spiritual reading from the guardian spirits of both candidates on the 18th of August. They were asked about their evaluation of each other, their expectations of the election result, their economic policy and their foreign policy regarding China. A transcript of the conversation is recorded in the book, “Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump”, which was urgently published on the 20th and lined up in bookstores nationwide in Japan.




Guardian Spirit of Biden Shows Weak Attitude Against South China Sea and Hong Kong Issue

First, the guardian spirit of Mr. Biden, the Vice President during the former Obama Administration, showed up. The guardian spirit described his strength as, “I’m a decent human being. That is my greatest strength.” He denounced Mr. Trump as “a crazy president.”

Japan wants to know about Mr. Biden’s foreign policy. In particular, the change in policy on China is of extreme concern. Many believe that the U.S.’s policy on China will not change even if Mr. Biden becomes president because the entire Congress is leaning towards taking a firm stance against China. However, Mr Biden’s guardian spirit continuously showed that he wanted to avoid military conflict as much as possible throughout the recording.

When asked about the military base that China created in the South China Sea during the Obama Administration, he responded, “Well, the military expense is too high and we need to cut the cost, so we can’t just immediately start war with something like that.” He also remarked, “the problem with the Spratly Islands is not too big of an issue as well. It’s just something that Taiwan and the Philippines and Vietnam are scared about,” downplaying the territorial sovereignty issue.

Furthermore, regarding the Hong Kong issue, he stated, “I think we’ll take a softer attitude with Hong Kong by directing the Chinese Government with incentives… We’ll negotiate hinting that we’ll change our perception if China stops their extreme oppression against Hong Kong that is under disadvantage and is forcing the citizens to escape.” He repeatedly made statements that showed he has weak stance.

Mr. Biden stands by a policy of international cooperation, but as a result, it is extremely likely that the national interests of allies and friendly countries will be impaired.


Trump’s Guardian Spirit: “We’ll Take Down Xi Jinping Within Two Years”

Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit appeared next. Regarding the current situation with biased reporting favoring Mr. Biden both within and outside the nation, he didn’t seem to mind, stating, “The media attacks the strong… The fact that they are attacking me shows that they think I’m the stronger one.”

About making a definitive move that will flip his current disadvantageous situation, the guardian spirit stated, “Wouldn’t it be over if he debated with me? If he had three public debates with me, maybe he would collapse from cerebral hemorrhage.” He showed confidence that he can win if he knocks out Mr. Biden in the public debates.

He added, “The fact that the virus infected six million Americans and killed another 100,000 or so is equivalent to a war. In the end, we have to open up the truth, and as a wartime president, change the atmosphere by showing an aggressive stance.”

What about the U.S.-China hegemony war that is a major concern to the world?
Mr. Trump’s guardian spirit showed signs that he couldn’t reveal his strategies on military options, but stated, “I’m not really a militaristic person, but the first priority for me is to be reelected and to take down Mr. Xi Jinping within two years.” To that end, he suggested a policy of disclosing information about China’s national crimes one by one to raise motivation both domestically and abroad to overthrow the Chinese Communist government.

In the spiritual reading, the following other points were discussed:

  • How do you see the Black Lives Matter riots and illegal immigrants?
  • What would happen if China took over the Senkaku Islands?
  • The allegations of an affiliation between Mr. Biden and China
  • The issue of intellectual property infringement by Chinese international students
  • Perspectives towards the coronavirus issue
  • About the U.A.E.’s recognition of Israel as a nation, that was supported by the Trump Administration
  • The moves that will get public opinion on side in the presidential election
U.S. Presidential Election; Trump vs. Biden Spiritual Reading
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