Maintaining Power After Retirement
The Evidence of Putin's Responsibility

President Putin Declares Constitution Amendment in his January 15th Annual State of the Nation Address(photo: Reuters/Aflo)




Change in Constitution Announced

Russia’s President Putin is moving towards his 2024 post-retirement.

Mr. Putin, in his annual State of the Union address this January, announced his plan to amend the constitution. This is a plan to change the power hierarchy, including a proposal for the State Duma to take on the role of appointing the prime minister and the cabinet, and increasing the power of the presidential advisory board known as the State Council.

This proposal was met with criticism both domestically and overseas describing Putin as a dictator trying to hold on to his power even after his retirement.

Mr. Putin has recently been approaching China and its military, working towards a China-Russia Alliance. Last year, an Internet Regulation Law was enforced in Russia that limited freedom. The image of a dictatorship is further solidifying.





Maintaining World Order Through Multi-polarization

However, Mr. Putin can be looked at not just as a dictator, but as a politician who understands the meaning of power.

Mr. Putin has stated previously that “the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.” He is aiming towards the recovery of the Russian Orthodox Church as well as exhibiting considerable power as a religious nation.

This can be observed from his relationship with the U.S. Mr. Putin has been on the same footing with the U.S., as can be seen by how he criticized the impeachment prosecution against President Trump. Mr. Putin believes that a multipolar world with various nations such as Russia, Japan, and China balancing their powers to create world order is more ideal than a monopolar regime by the U.S.

His denunciation of the environmental activist Greta Thunberg comes from his stance that over-the-top global warming policies will destruct world economy and is similar to President Trump.

Mr. Putin’s holding continued influence over the Russian government as a result of his responsibility for world order will have certain meaning in itself.

Maintaining Power After Retirement
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