“A World Revolution Is Now Upon Us”
Master Ryuho Okawa's El Cantare Celebration lecture "The Path to Truth"

On the 7th of December, Master Ryuho Okawa gave a public lecture entitled “The Path to Truth” at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, to mark one of the two major occasions for Happy Science: the El Cantare Celebration. Over 14 thousand people attended the main venue, and the lecture was broadcast live to countries across the world via the Happy Science relay network.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, began the lecture by reflecting over his remarks from last year’s El Cantare Celebration lecture, “To A World We Can Believe In” that “2016 will become the year of revolution”. Indeed culturally and politically it was a revolutionary year.

The greatest political impact was the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential elections. “The ‘Trump Shock’ idea is now old”, he said. “We have to now call it ‘Trump Revolution'”.


Diplomacy: “Take What Must Be Taken, and Abandon What Must Be Abandoned”

Master Okawa mentioned that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Trump on October 18, but also plans to visit Obama’s holiday destination Hawaii. He criticized that Abe’s intension to be friendly with both Trump and Obama will come to strain relations with Trump. “Abe isn’t seeing the future”, he said.

Master Okawa also spoke about Russian President Putin’s planned visit to Japan for talks with Abe. He observed that when Japan joined the Euro-American economic sanction of Russia, it pushed the Kuril Islands dispute further away from resolution, and that Japan must sign a peace treaty with Russia even it if means pigeonholing the territorial problem.

“Diplomacy doesn’t work if you try to be friendly with every country: we must take what must be taken, and abandon what must be abandoned.”

Master also predicted that, “if the current situation continues, Asia will see a huge military conflict in the next 5 years.” A time is coming for Japan and the U.S. to regain power, and show the world where the global pivot indisputably lies.

True democracy is ‘democracy under God’, and we must reconfirm that it means that children of God come together to democratically prosper.

Master Okawa also emphasized that the EU has now become a ‘union of the weak’, where the few wealthy countries are supporting the poor ones. He suggested the need to attain progress and prosperity through self-induced effort.

The lecture closed with an invitation to people out in the world who seek global happiness: “We are not advocating one’s ‘right’ to make the world happy; [Happy Science is] a group that has a ‘duty’ to make the world happy.”

Master Okawa also spoke on the following points in the lecture:


  • A revolution seen in box office hit films and bestseller books
  • The Japanese Emperor and the religious view of his withdrawal
  • The Bank of Japan and Financial Policy
  • Korean President Park Geun-Hye’s resignation
  • The future of the Kuril Islands dispute
  • The Trump campaign and mass media
  • What revolutions the world needs
  • What Japan needs to convince Trump and Putin


The current article only introduces a limited section of this important lecture. To see the full lecture please visit your local Happy Science branch.

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“A World Revolution Is Now Upon Us”
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