Why Trump Is the Right Choice

Donald Trump turned the tables to emerge victorious in the 45th U.S. presidential elections, in a historically rare and unexpected scenario. Now the whole world is watching to ascertain his political competence.

Donald Trump’s victory came as a huge surprise for most people. Most major press organizations that had predicted Hillary Clinton’s sweeping victory, were forced to face reality: the Electoral College votes numbered 290 for Trump and 232 for Clinton (numbers relevant to 17th November). In the Congress elections held simultaneously, the Republicans won a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Until these numbers came up, it was said that Trump’s supporters were mostly low-income whites. But it became clear that 90% of the wealthier-class Republican supporters had voted for Trump, along with the middle class. More surprisingly around 30% of Hispanics and Asians also voted Trump. Evidently there were many hidden Trump supporters who remained unswayed by press coercion.


Trump Has Presidential Potential

Foreign press, such as in Japan, also echoed the U.S. press until the very last, in their belief that Clinton would win. Amidst all this, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science had long predicted the coming of President Trump.

In “The Spiritual Interview of the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump”, published in January of this year, Master wrote in the foreword, “Here, we’ve found a strong new U.S. president-to- be . . . I hope he (Donald Trump) will be a great new leader of the U.S.”

Master Okawa continued to emphasize Trump’s high potential for victory, and after conducting a spiritual interview of George Washington in September, discovered that Trump is in fact the reincarnation of the 1st U.S. President.

In October, Master Okawa visited New York and gave a speech entitled “Fredom, Justice and Happiness” in which he said in the Q&A that Trump ought to be chosen as he has the power to resolve world issues.

The day after Trump’s victory resounded throughout the world, Master Okawa gave another lecture, “On Victory of Mr. Donald Trump”. In it, he said that Trump has a new sort of weapon that will be effective in the new age: his extremist and yet creative words.

Master Okawa also explained that Trump is opposed to the TPP because import taxes are a diplomatic weapon. He also explained that Trump’s demand that Japan pay all expenses for the U.S. army stationed in Japan reflects the fact that Trump is treating Japan as an equal partner.


The Truth Behind His Brutal Words: Why President Trump Is Advantageous for Japan

Without a doubt many people are uneasy about Trump because of his controversially brutal language. But for a man of this caliber, there must be a reason for it.

Building a wall on the Mexican border; withdrawing from the TPP; remarks on women. Many things Trump has said during his election campaign have been yebrow rising.

Many people who were outraged by these all too famous “Trump quotes” have been engaging in anti-Trump protests all around the U.S.

In sharp contrast, Trump’s proposed decrease in corporation taxes, etc., have sparked high expectations in infrastructure investment, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average scored a record high for 3 consecutive days at the New York Stock Exchange.

After the elections, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to Trump over the phone. After their New York meeting on November 17 Abe commented, “I am convinced that Trump is a trustworthy leader.”


Trump’s Infamous Language a Press Strategy

Trump’s slanderous language is so quotable, that is drew the attention of many people around the world; but his use of language was most likely a press strategy to earn him attention, effective precisely because it was so quotable.

A man from New Jersey Once Said in an interview

“I’m not worried that it’s his first time in politics. Unlike other politicians, he can focus on doing the right things without concern for compromising his career. He is a businessman, and a leader, and knows how to make people enthusiastic. He has the ability to see the truth in things.”

It is more accurate to say that Trump is an honest man who doesn’t sugarcoat the pill like other politicians.


His Words: “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border”

His Meaning: “We will protect our public peace from illegal immigrants”

In discussing Trump quotes, one that cannot be ignored is his “wall” quote, where he declared that he would forcedly deport 11 million illegal immigrants.

In a post-elections interview, Trump said he plans to expatriate the 2-3 million illegal immigrants who have criminal records or are drug smugglers, but will think of what to do with the others after internal affairs are settled.

Illegal immigration is a big problem in the U.S. In first speech after his Republican nomination, he explained how some women and children have lost their lives at the hands of illegal immigrants as an example of the great threat that illegal immigrants cause to the people.

A woman from California commented that she feels unsafe because drugs are being smuggled in from Mexico encouraging a rise in murders and abductions.

Trump is not against immigrants.

His father was an immigrant from Germany, and his wife Melania is from Slovenia. Trump understands that the U.S. grew to become a great country through the contribution of many skilled people who immigrated from all over the world.

In his policy ad he says that he supports immigration, but the problem is illegal immigration. It is unfair that people enter the country illegally while others have to wait in line to enter legally.

Trump plans to make the ‘wall’ a point of negotiation with Mexico to stop illegal immigrants and resuscitate peace and safety in the U.S.


His Words: “I’m totally against TPP”

His Meaning: “Customs taxes can stop China’s dominance”

With anti-TPP Trump as next president, the Obama administration gave up hope of Congress ratification.

On the surface, the TPP appears to be a financial partnership, but it in fact serves as an encirclement network for China who keeps breaking the rules of a free market. It aims to corner China’s ambitions of expanding dominance through the AIIB through abolishing customs taxes and strengthening financial cooperation.

On the other hand, Trump said that he would place a 45% flat rate import tax on all imports from China. Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, explained in his book “On Victory of Mr. Donald Trump” that taxes placed on imports is an effective diplomatic weapon.

In other words, Trump plans to use heavy customs taxes instead of the TPP, to corner China. Once China’s finances collapse, they cannot maintain their military power and their territorial expansion will stop.

Trump’s strategy is to first rebuild America’s economy and so then they can again spread their influence throughout the world.

Some allied countries decided to stop TPP ratification negotiations. Countries such as Japan ought to also accept that the TPP is only one of many options, and adopt a more flexible approach.

Stopping China is the top priority of the international community, and it must be the U.S. along with Japan that will pave the way.

His Words: “We will withdraw the U.S. military from Japan and South Korea”

His Meaning: “Japan is economically sufficient to protect its own country”

Trump said in a speech that Japan should reimburse the full costs of the U.S. military bases situated within its borders. What he is thinking is that if the country is self-sufficient, it has to make the effort to protect itself and strengthen cooperative defense with other allied countries. This is a perfectly reasonable argument. Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economic superpower, and it is highly embarrassing that they do not have the power to protect their own country. Japan must go beyond national defense to become a leading nation in protecting peace and safety throughout Asia.

The biggest hurdle here is resolve. A former commander of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces said in an interview that, “the reason behind heavy Trump criticism in the press and politicians in Japan is because there is a deep psychological refusal against becoming independent. They are afraid of not knowing what to do with national defense once Trump becomes president.”

One of Trump’s security advisors said to a Reuters journalist that the new administration wants Japan to shoulder more responsibility in Asia. Japan should use this opportunity as a chance to start protecting its own country by themselves, and eventually becoming the Asia Police.

Trump has also been saying that he does not accept Japan and South Korea from nuclear armament, but Japan must urgently consider nuclear armament and amending Article 9 of the Constitution.

For Japan, Trump’s inauguration is a great opportunity. If Japan can meet Trump’s hopes and become a strong country, the U.S.-Japan relationship will become even stronger, which can work as the ‘main engine’ of world affairs to bring global prosperity.


Islam Problem Will Be Solved in 2017

In the Q&A portion of “On Victory of Mr. Donald Trump”, Master Okawa spoke on the future of ISIS.

“I predict that in 2017, we will see a conclusion to the Russia-U.S. relationship, and the ISIS problem will end there”, he said. “Russia has influence over Syria, and the U.S. will exercise their influence on Iraq. In the end ISIS will disappear.”

How will this prediction play out?

It implies that after Trump’s inauguration in January, he will improve relations with Russian President Putin. They already respect each other so this won’t pose a problem.


Syrian Civil Conflict Is a U.S.-Russia War by Proxy

While ISIS is currently active in Syria and Iraq with Russia supporting the Assad administration in Syria while the U.S. supports the rebels. In Iraq, a union of volunteers under U.S. command supports the Iraq government army. This was what spurred the conflict. While ISIS is a common enemy to both the U.S. and Russia, they look as if they are attacking ISIS, but are in the end only attacking each other and pulling each other’s legs. This is why it is known as a war by proxy.


U.S.-Russia Cooperation To Bring Peace to Middle East

What is to be expected if Trump and Putin establish cooperative relations is this: the U.S. will loosen its intervention on Syria, stop the Assad administration from massacring its own people, and hand government powers over to Russia. From here, the U.S. will focus on rebuilding everything Iraq lost during the Iraq War. Then the U.S. and Russia can cooperate to defeat ISIS.

If something happens and ISIS members are about to be obliterated before the proxy war is cleared up, Japan must rise as an intermediary.
Japan must act to ensure the governmental autonomy and rights of residence belonging to the Sunni Muslims (the sect that constitutes ISIS), and prevent any more hatred from spreading over the area.

On Victory of Mr. Donald Trump: Realizing Prosperity and Justice in America and the World [Paperback] by Ryuho Okawa/Buy from amazon.com

Why Trump Is the Right Choice
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