Master Okawa Prophesied Trump’s Victory in January

Donald Trump wins the U.S. Presidential Elections AP/Aflo

U.S. citizens from all over the United States voted for their next president, and on the night of the 9th of November, Real Estate magnate Donald Trump of the Republican Party defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to become the 45th President of the United States. He will starting his presidency in January next year.

Up until the very last, major press companies in the U.S. continued anti-Trump publicity and went as far as to ridicule Trump’s victory in the primaries. This sentiment was echoed in the press in other countries, such as Japan.

The election results no doubt left the world dumbfounded, but there was one person who had prophesied the coming of “President Trump” back in January this year: Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science.


“We’ve Found a Strong New U.S. President”

On January 5th this year, Master Okawa summoned the guardian spirit of Donald Trump who was then in the midst of the battle for Republican nominee. In the foreword of the printed edition, Master wrote thusthe following:

“Here, we’ve found a strong new U.S. president-to- be through ‘Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump’. I hope he (Mr. Donald Trump) will be a great new leader of the U.S. And, I, myself, want to believe his honesty, bravery, and friendship.”

On January 30th in his lecture in Okinawa, Master Okawa also said:

“His [Trump’s] character is quite odd so many people would be thinking ‘there’s no way he would become president’. But I believe there is a great possibility of this happening.”

Master Okawa said all of this half a year before Trump even won the primaries.


His Past Life is as a Founding Father

Then Master Okawa then conducted spiritual interviews of important people related to Trump, in rapid succession.

In a spiritual interview of one of America’s Founding Fathers, George Washington, the spirit of the first president told us that he is now reincarnated on earth as Donald Trump, and explained Trump’s use of wild language:

“[I] was good at fighting, as you know. [I] was the commander-in-chief of the United States who fought against the United Kingdom. I am good at fighting.”

“Nowadays, we don’t fight against our rivals with a sword, gun, arrow or things like that. We fight against our competitors using only words, so words are the weapon nowadays. This is the reason I changed my strategy. That’s the reason. We, who want to be a statesman like a president or a governor, must fight against our rivals and huge mass media using words; so words are very important these days. That is our new weapon.”

In this interview, Washington explains explained Trump’s intentions with regards to his abusive language and his opinions on illegal immigrants. It gave a glimpse into an image of Trump that the press choses to ignore.


The Liberty Magazine iIs Pro-Trump

After discovering this information, The Liberty Magazine has been publishing articles that aim to convey Trump’s true character.

Here The following is an excerpt of the “Trump’s True Character” special from the April issue of The Liberty Magazine:

“With his criticisms of the U.S.-Japan alliance and the TPP, Trump at first appears to be cold towards Japan. Indeed Japan will have to try harder to hold up against Trump’s skilled negotiations. But a little bit of ‘pressure’ may help Japan to strengthen its national defense and awaken to its role as a superpower in Asia.”

The following is from the article “Trump Is Japan’s Ally!” from the December issue:

“Trump won the Republican candidature through unconventional language and in upholding his ideal to ‘Make America Great Again’. This shows that the U.S., having lost self-confidence, is looking for a leader who can change the situation. For the U.S. to regain confidence and return to becoming the world leaders once more, there is a need to return to foundations upon which the country was established: a nation of freedom and democracy; a nation under God. The sense of mission to realize the will of God, was the source of confidence that had brought prosperity to the U.S.”


The First Step in the Return of to a Powerful America

On October 3rd, Master Okawa gave a public lecture in Manhattan, New York entitled “Freedom, Justice, and Happiness”. One of Trump’s support staff was present among the 500 people who gathered to listen.

“I hope America and Japan, these two must be the great leader of the world from this year till at least three hundred years . . . This is your mission. This is what I want to say today. Be great, greater. With great power comes great responsibility. You American people have great responsibility for the world. Please keep on your mind this truth.”

Master Okawa followed on to say that Trump is an honest and reliable man. Taking into consideration Trump’s awareness of China’s rising military and his political views, Americans ought to choose Trump; Trump has the power to resolve world issues, and rebuildt a great America.

Trump is different to the conventional politician, and world and U.S. media were unable to predict Trump’s victory.

A strong America is vital to the safety of life in Asia under the threatening military dictatorships of China and North Korea. Master Okawa constantly points to ‘what is right’,: which is the thing that the international community often fails to grasp. With a new age comes a need for a guide that can see into the future.

On December 7th, mMaster Okawa will give his next public lecture in Makuhari Messe, Chiba. The video recording will be available to view at your nearest Happy Science branch.

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Master Okawa Prophesied Trump’s Victory in January
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