“Reversed Destiny”, a Film That Deals with Issues of Reincarnation and Racism Won Best Drama Film Award

With cast members at the award ceremony in New York
Director Kiyota is the fourth man from the left. Next to him is the executive producer, Ms. Miche Kiyota.


“No matter how badly you hurt someone, if you deeply repent your deeds, God will give you another chance to compensate”

A film director, writer, and producer, Mr. Hideki Kiyota discussed his recent short film, “Reversed Destiny” that addresses the themes of reincarnation and racial problems.

The film won the Best Film Award at the United International Film Festival in July, 2016.


Hideki Kiyota

Born in Tokyo in 1969, he graduated from the Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University. He set up “The Liberty Web,” an online news site of Happy Science, and served as a making director of the film, “The Final Judgment” in 2012. In New York in 2016, he self-funded and made his original short film, “Reversed Destiny”.

A Sensational Story Portraying Reincarnation of Caucasians and People of Color

A poster of the film, “Reversed Destiny”
Official website: http://www.reversed-destiny.com/

The outline of the film is as follows:
The story is set in the United States in the 1850’s. A Caucasian man shot and killed his African-American slave. The Caucasian man went to hell after death, and ended up suffering there for 150 years due to the mistake he had made while living on earth. He deeply reflected on his past deeds in hell and was able to be reborn into this world in the 2000’s as an African-American man.

Director Kiyota Talks about What Made Him Decide to Make the Film.

“The story comes from my own experience of being ‘spiritually reborn’. I had been leading a life in a self-centered manner until after I graduated from university. But then, I encountered the teachings of Happy Science, and suddenly felt that the materialistic happiness I had been pursuing was empty.

I realized that I had sacrificed people around me to gain “superficial happiness,” and deeply reflected on my past deeds in tears. Then, I felt the deep compassion of God who still loves and forgives me. The film portrays a man like me who undoes the past deeds through self-reflection and starts over again in life.”

The issues such as racism and racial animosities are deep-rooted in the U.S. Since America has a gun culture, it is not uncommon that such racial enmity can lead to murder. Is it possible to resolve conflicts between different races?

Mr. Kiyota says,

“I think that racism arises from the wrong view of life that life is something that can be counted in decades. I believe in the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, which teaches that humans are essentially spiritual beings, not physical beings and reincarnate many times in all ages and as different races to gain experience as a soul.”

“If people realize that their life in a physical body is just an experience during a certain period of time, intolerance toward people of different races will be blown off. I believe that if we spread these teachings all over the world, we will be able to rid the world of racial discrimination.”

Director Kiyota espoused that recently in the U.S., there seems to be the movement to urge Caucasian people to reflect on values based on white supremacy and to change their attitudes.

He says,

“I feel that now is the time to present a film about the sensational theme of reincarnation of Black and White people.”

He has been sending the film to many film festivals around the world for official selection, so whether it is released in Japan has not yet been determined.
The film will help many people around the world awaken to the truth about reincarnation and thereby overcome racial conflicts.

Award speech by Director Hideki Kiyota in New York, on July 31st
“Reversed Destiny”, a Film That Deals with Issues of Reincarnation and Racism Won Best Drama Film Award
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