Survival of the Japanese Imperial Family Under Threat?

The current Emperor of Japan Akihito addressed a video message on the 8th of July, after rumors of his intention to abdicate.

While reports claim that his declining stamina as the primary reason for this, the truth is not so simple.


Continuity of the Symbolic Role of Emperor

The following are passages from Emperor Akihito’s video message:

“I have announced my intentions upon feeling the great import of a stable and unbroken continuity in the symbolic role of the Emperor.”
“I feel a grave responsibility as the successor of this tradition,” he also said.
He said for a third time that he desires the “continuity of the Emperor’s symbolic meaning.”

We cannot simply dismiss that he is withdrawing from his Imperial role of national events and regional visits due to physical limitations that come with age.


The Truth According to the Emperor’s Guardian Spirit

On the 20th of July, soon after the Emperor’s announcement, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, called upon the guardian spirit of Emperor Akihito to hear his true thoughts. This spiritual message was published as a book in Japanese ten days later.

The Emperor’s true intentions were closely linked to the last House of Councilors election where advocates of the Constitutional amendment hit the two-thirds mark.

The Liberal Democratic Party gained votes by debating the advantage and disadvantages of Abenomics, but chose not to question the people about amending the Constitution. He didn’t want to promulgate the Constitutional amendment while public opinion was still counted even on both sides. The spiritual message revealed that Emperor Akihito’s mind is troubled with by situation.


Emperor’s Political Responsibilities

This is because the Emperor may become obligated to become involved in political responsibilities. Back in, and after WWII, the Imperial family was under danger of survival due to war responsibilities.

The Liberal Democratic Party’s Constitution draft seats the Emperor as head of state, increasing his political responsibilities.

Suppose that this happens, and the chaos in Asia intensifies into a war. If Japan were to lose again, the Imperial family would yet again be under danger of survival. For Emperor Akihito, who has seen the crisis before, these are not delusionary fears.

The Emperor should not be responsible for political mistakes made by the government. Whatever happens to the laws and politics of the country, the Emperor of Japan must remain as a venerated existence.


Emperor’s Role Is Prayer, Not Politics

Then what is the role of an Emperor with no political responsibilities?

“As the Emperor’s obligation, I think it important, before anything else, to pray for the peace and happiness of the people,” Emperor Akihito said in his video message. “And I think it important, at times to stand by the people, turn my ears to their voices, and come close to their thoughts.”

In other words Emperor’s duty is to pray for the country, and come close to the people’s hearts. This goes back to the Emperor’s position as descendent of the god Amaterasu-Omikami and the highest priest of Japanese Shinto. In his message, Emperor Akihito also touched on the Shinto funeral tradition.

Very few people, including politicians, understand the purpose of this religious role.

The draft constitution that places political responsibilities on the Emperor is a product of the lack of this understanding. In order to gain the will of the people, the Emperor has to undertake physically taxing jobs such as attending national events and conducting regional visits. The spiritual message really revealed Akihito’s distress at the current situation.

Akihito’s video message challenges us to question again:
What is the true role of the Emperor?

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Survival of the Japanese Imperial Family Under Threat?
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