What Would a Trump Presidency Look Like?
A Spiritual Message Reveals the Man Who Would Be President

On January 5, 2016, Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, conducted a spiritual interview with the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump, one of the Republican Party’s presidential hopefuls for the 2016 candidacy. Master Okawa held this interview with the assistance of interviewers from Happy Science. Many important questions were posed to Mr. Trump’s Guardian Spirit (hereinafter also referred to as “GS”) about his presidential aspirations and his opinions and explanations of pressing issues both to America and the world, including many of his outspoken and often controversial viewpoints. Please note, each of us has Guardian Spirits residing in our innermost subconscious level. They are a part of our very souls, and therefore represent the true and exact reflection of our thoughts and philosophies.

Most of us know Donald Trump as a real estate and business magnate who has made billions over his career that started in his 20’s working for his father. Born in New York City, educated at some of the United States most elite educational facilities, raised with a strong work ethic and honor code and close relationship with God, his career has made him both an international force and phenomenon. His grandiose ideas and larger than life persona have made him a media favorite, but his contributions as a business man and leader, his commitment to making America great, and his strong public pronouncements in the national and international arenas, have made him a hero of the under and middle class, and a man worthy of deeper observation and attention. Indeed his audience broadens daily with even mainstream America now listening, and taking this man, whom no one thought had a chance of becoming a forerunner in the political process, seriously.

Let us now look more closely to the issues that have become the basis of his candidacy, his controversial style, and the true man beneath the mask by introducing some of the spiritual messages from his GS.


His True Intention of Temporarily Banning Muslims From Entering the U.S.

What is his stance on Muslims and immigration? What are his real intentions on the seemingly discriminatory remarks on Muslims, and his views on immigration?

In the spiritual interview, Mr. Trump’s GS spoke of his love for all people in the world, but acknowledged that there are deep problems in both the U.S. and the world. When asked about trying to refuse entry to Muslim people entering America, Trump stated that his position was not meant as an indictment of all Muslims people, but rather that we have a problem with terrorism. We have a problem with ISIS. We cannot tell who is planning to do harm to our nation, and thus strong action must be taken including taking care with those entering our country from Muslim nations that embrace Jihad and radicalized Islamist beliefs, to protect against what he foresees as a great disaster. He has stated he is not suggesting a permanent ban, but a ban until the United States has guidelines to protect against terrorism and established policies to keep out those who wish to do harm. His GS states he does not hate Muslim people. Further, his GS hopes that there can be a change in attitude and a method to create trust and friendship. His GS recognizes there are many talented and good Muslim Americans in the United States, and that America is a country of diversity where there must be friendship for different types of people with different belief systems, so Muslim’s should not be excluded. But there must be a way to root out terrorisms. His GS also noted that there appears to be hesitancy to change in Muslim people, and that America is a country of change. Those who cannot adopt to change have a hard time embracing American culture and becoming truly American. His GS spoke of the American melting pot, and that the U.S. is a country of immigrants, but that Muslims need to be more flexible in their attitudes and think more deeply about appearances from the outside. According to Trump’s GS, the U.S. is a country of shared ideals, not a land of separatists – not people who come to the United States still believing themselves Middle Eastern or Albanian or African, etc., but as peoples who wish to be Americans. If the Muslims cannot adapt to the freedoms and gifts of America, who wish to become Americans and happen to be of the Islamic faith -like others are Christians or Jews or Catholics, but first and foremost American’s – he cannot accept them or any others who cannot adapt. Assimilation breeds trust, and trust, brotherhood. His GS states it is becoming more difficult for Muslims because of the crisis of terrorism, and protection from terrorism is a very important issue for the next President.

So his pronouncements that may appear as discriminatory are not meant as such, but are warnings. He does not want to exclude good people, but feels that if one wants to come to America, one must be willing to become an American, espousing and embracing American ways of living and behavior.


What Are Trump’s Thoughts on Immigration?

As is written in “Crippled America”, Trump discussed the issue of immigration in America and said he was not against immigration; he was against “illegal immigration”.

This was also proven by the spiritual messages. His GS said, “It’s not his real idea (of discrimination)”.

His GS also suggested that Japan open its country and accept immigrants who are suffering from the war of Islamic terror. His GS also stated that Japan must accept the Syrian people and the people living in Iraq and the Islamic State. That Japan has a responsibility to do this as a member of the world community. Trump’s GS espoused that Japan has the money to assist the poor and homeless people who have been ravished by the religious wars and terrorism. His GS mentioned that Japan has never experienced discrimination in its country, so even if allowing immigration creates such a problem, it would test Japan’s role as a leader.


Where Does His Honesty Come From?

Next we will look at Donald Trump’s outspoken stance on political politeness. Trump claims to be unapologetically truthful. He calls political politeness, “political speak”. He prefers being straight and to the point, and says he is tired of having others dictate what we are supposed to say and think. He is unafraid of criticism by rivals or the press. He will speak his mind, no matter what the consequences, and it appears that people welcome this. Honesty is touching on core values; Trump’s GS said, “Honesty is my best virtue, I think. Honesty is the best way to get money and succeed in business.” In the political arena, Trump’s brashness and openness is finding a welcome response in people too long jaded by political double speak and broken promises. In this same vein, he says in his book, “I manage to blast through the ridiculous liberal bias of the media and speak right to the hearts of the people.” American’s are pining for honesty and truth from their leaders. They are tired of politics as usual and Trump understands and embodies this realization.


What Are Trump’s Positions on Improving the Economy?

What would the American economy look like if Trump became President? Trump’s GS promises a U.S. recovery from its recession starting in 2017. His GS believes the economy is in bad shape and the raising of the interest rate by Fed Chairman Yellen was a mistake. As a great businessman his GS believes his experience is what America needs to save it from the recession. His GS also noted that he receives inspiration and guidance from Heaven, “so my inspiration is 100 percent correct!” Most importantly, his GS believes that economic growth must come first, followed by the resolution of the financial deficit. If that order is not followed, his GS does not believe the economy will fully rebound. The same advice holds true for the Japanese economy and he urged the Abe administration to incorporate this platform for its economy.


His Foreign Policy Regarding Russia and China

What is Mr. Trump’s stance on foreign policy including Russia and China and his relationship with President Putin? Trump believes that “there is no question that dealing with China, along with Russia, is going to continue to be our biggest challenge long-term” (“Crippled America”, Donald J. Trump, Page 42), and “that economists have made predictions that within the next decade, China will replace the United States as the world’s largest economy” (Ibid, Pg. 43).

With regard to Russian President Putin, Trump has been criticized for his respectful comments toward Putin. His GS believes Putin exhibits real leadership and is a power holder. His GS is not discussing the legitimacy of Putin’s positions; rather that Putin is not afraid to take a stance as a world leader. His GS posits Putin makes decisions. Further, his GS compares him to his opinion of President’s Obama’s weakness as a leader and his ineffectiveness in making the American presidency and nation strong. He has written that Putin is totally outmaneuvering President Obama in Syria (Ibid. Preface xi).

Concerning Japan, his GS believes Japan should have nuclear weapon capability and protect itself. His GS does not feel the American army should be the foremost protection for Japan, but that Japan should have the primary role in its country’s welfare and self-determination as one of the leading countries in the world.

As to China, China’s plan is complicating things in the Middle East and Asia. In the Middle East, according to the GS of Mr. Trump, there is Russia, America, Japan and the Chinese power colliding, making the situation very difficult. Trump’s GS believes that China wants to make the Middle East the “new Silk Road” and could be the starting point of the next world war.

Trump’s GS also sees the recovery by the U.S. being damaged by China. Master Okawa broached the issue of the common problem that Japan and the U.S. have with the China issue, and the beliefs of the Happiness Realization Party. Trump’s GS felt that if the opinions and activity of HRP prevailed, cooperation between Japan and the U.S., along with Germany, would lead to new leadership treaties between the nations and to a new prosperity.

Finally, Trump’s GS spoke about the need to protect against China’s hegemony, and the unbridled ambition that must be thwarted. His GS also spoke of the Chinese Government’s position of Godlessness, and stated, “We, who believe in God, must gather out powers…and make a new world.”

As state in “Crippled America”, to Trump, God is personal, and messages like those he learned from his Minister and mentor, Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, made him feel more positive about himself (Ibid, Pg.130). His GS spoke of the fact that he is a spiritual person.

Many of these and other issues were covered in the interview, and Master Okawa was left with the impression of a good man who thinks big and with his heart as well as mind, and that while he remains misunderstood by many in the international arena and home, his ideas regarding the economy, foreign affairs, education, and making America great again have found their mark and are worthy of consideration. He is a man whose time has come.

Donald Trump’s GS also touched the following points;

  • What does he think about the media?
  • What are his tips to become rich?
  • What’s are Trump’s GS’s stance on Korea?
  • What are his thoughts on his past life?


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What Would a Trump Presidency Look Like?
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