How One Mother Overcame Her Son’s Death Through Faith

A book published in January 2016, called “Bronner: A Journey to Understand” by Sherri Burgess from Birmingham, Alabama, has hit number 1 in the ‘Christian Death & Grief’ section of Amazon.

The Burgess family had five children, and the mother Sherri was leading a busy but happy life. That life, however, was turned up-side-down one night in January 2008 when she discovered her 2-and-a-half year old son Bronner’s body afloat face down in their garden pool.

Sherri pulled him out of the water as fast as she could, took the cold clothes off Bronner, and did everything within her power to resuscitate him. “God please save him!” She felt her own powerlessness.

The Burgesses, a pious Christian couple who believed in the afterlife, kept questioning God why He took their son to Heaven so early. They tried to understand God’s will, opening the Holy Bible and praying countless times. Gradually, an answer emerged.

God didn’t take their son away; He allowed their son to enter a more beautiful world. Through this tragedy, God established His glory to guide the many lost souls, and secularized Christians, so that they could polish their souls. They realized that God had planned out their son’s life, and had carried out His plan completely.

The couple was able to fully grasp the existence of Heaven, and decided to publish the book after realizing that there is a great need to tell the world about the Kingdom of Heaven; especially those who do not believe in the other world.


People Touched by the Story of Strengthening Faith Through Trial

There are many who lose their faith in God when they face serious trials in life, thinking, “Why doesn’t God help me?” “Have I been abandoned by God?” But many people have been touched by and admire the Burgess couple’s story of overcoming grief through the power of faith.

The book moved many people because it described in detail how the couple lost their beloved son, but were able to stand up again with the power of faith. Book reviewers commented on how amazing it is that the couple was able to come out of their life’s greatest tragedy and realize that God had given them a chance to polish their souls. Others commented that they were able to feel the couple’s love for their son and God’s great mercy.


The All-Containing Eternal Truth Is Now Being Revealed

The Truth that the Burgess family awakened to, through their struggle, is all contained in the teachings of Happy Science.

At Happy Science, we teach that ‘life is a workbook of problems’ and all suffering and sorrow are whetstones to brighten our souls further. We also teach that God does not put people under trials that they can’t overcome. People seek God’s salvation in times of suffering, deepening their religious enlightenment and advancing their souls’ growth.

Many people think of the other invisible world like it is some sort of dream, but it is really there: people have eternal lives and we come from the Real spiritual world to this world, which is a training ground for our souls. Through this soul training, people are able to come closer to God. This is the very reason why God puts people under trials. If we come to understand this, we realize that the deaths of our loved ones are not eternal.

People must realize that a great Truth, an all-containing eternal Truth that crosses all ages and regions, is now being revealed.

How One Mother Overcame Her Son’s Death Through Faith
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