Iranian Economic Sanctions Lifted: Potential Peace or a Trigger for War?

Seeing Iran suspend its nuclear development, Europe and the U.S. have lifted the economic sanctions imposed upon Iran. According to the BBC, the details of the lifting of the economic sanctions were as follows:

  • The EU will recommence trade with Iran.
  • The UN will lift the military – and nuclear technology – related sanctions enforced on Iran.
  • The U.S. will allow Iran to trade through the world’s financial systems (that the Americans primarily control).
  • American citizens and companies are still not allowed to trade with Iran as the terrorism-related sanctions towards Iranians continue in the Europe and the U.S.
  • The freezing of Iran’s assets worth $100 billion, conducted by Europe and the U.S., will be lifted.


The Nuclear Agreement: Iran Buying Time? Or a Euro-American Plot?

The Agreement stated that Iran will be unable to develop nuclear weaponry for the next 10 years. This does not mean that Iran will lose all its knowledge of nuclear technology. In fact, in those 10 years Iran will even be able to import new nuclear technologies through the economic markets now open to it.

Thus this Agreement could be thought of as Iran’s way of buying time: defending itself from European and Americans attacks, while obtaining fundamental nuclear technologies. It is very similar to the “negotiations” North Korea has been doing with Europe, the U.S. and Japan, to buy time.

Perhaps the Agreement is of the greatest disadvantage to Saudi Arabia. It has been said that with the sanctions now lifted, around 500 thousand to 1 million barrels of oil will be put on the market everyday. This will be tough on Saudi Arabia as 45% of their GDP and 80% of their national finance depends on oil exportation. Not surprisingly, Saudi Arabia’s stock market dropped by &5 on the day Iran’s sanctions were lifted.

Saudi Arabia’s troubles won’t end there. Saudi Arabia is a strong Sunni Islamic nation while Iran is a Shia Islamic nation, and for this reason they are often at each other’s throats, and each of the nations do not find it pleasing when the other nation expands its influence. Western media outlets have announced that Iran will indubitably rise as the greatest Middle Eastern superpower, but it is very likely that Saudi Arabia and Iran will begin to fight each other for dominance in the Middle East.

It is hard to tell wherein lies the true intention of the U.S. with lifted these sanctions, but it is very possible that the Euro-American powers are trying to encourage Saudi Arabia and Iran to fight, in order to protect Israel. It is highly possible that this Agreement will lead to the next war.


China and North Korea Engage in Secret

The National Interest magazine has mentioned the possibility that these lifted sanctions will allow for a large influx of Chinese weaponry into Iran. The sharing of knowledge especially regarding cruise missiles, unmanned devices, and missile defense systems will exponentially advance Iran’s military power.

It has also been said that Iran and North Korea are secretly connected. If North Korea creates an emergency situation in East Asia, and Iran does the same simultaneously in the Middle East, the U.S. will have a difficult decision to make.

If Saudi Arabia and Iran go to war, energy security will also become huge a problem as the Strait of Hormuz, through which oil is delivered to Japan, will be shut off.

We cannot leave this Iran situation alone, as it is connected to North Korea, China, and energy issues. We must examine each possibility closely, and setup national policies to be prepared for the worst to come.

Iranian Economic Sanctions Lifted: Potential Peace or a Trigger for War?
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