Messages from Ryuho Okawa’s Guardian Spirit:
The Three Reasons Ryuho Okawa Was Incarnated in Japan (Part 3)

Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group has provided us with guidance from Guardian Spirits in his spiritual message series. These messages have been presented to followers of his lectures, articles, and books published worldwide. Because the concept of Spiritual Guardians seems to be area open to skepticism in the media, Master Okawa has taken the time to introduce us to his own Guardian Spirit in order to advance our understanding on the subject. It is the intent of this article to help you further comprehend the role of Guardian Spirits and to help remove skepticism.

Probing thinkers often have questions about “How much influence does Happy Science and Master Okawa’s Happiness Realization Party’s activities have on his awareness and do they translate into the voices of the guardian spirits that he contacts?

Master Okawa suggests that similar to the myriad faces people find on statues of the Buddha, the voices of the guardian spirits are diverse expressions of an ultimate, spiritual reality that comes from what the Master calls “the other world”.

In the spiritual messages below, Okawa’s Guardian Spirit offers enlightenment on subjects ranging from the Japanese Constitution (including the issue of the peace clause), the significance of the founding of the Happiness Realization Party, and religious and political revolutions. In his final transmission of thoughts, the Guarding Spirit spoke forthrightly about Master Ryuho Okawa’s life plan. He also revealed why people should place importance on self-reliance as well as the necessity of faith in an outside power.

Below is a portion of the Spiritual Messages from Master Okawa’s Guardian Spirit.


The Truth About the Plan Behind Ryuho Okawa’s Life
Communism, a Religion Created by the Devil

– Master Ryuho Okawa is now active in two functions – as a political leader and as a religious leader, but what exactly does this mean? Is this even possible in today’s world? I would like to hear how you as his guardian spirit feel about this issue.

Ryuho Okawa’s Guardian Spirit (hereafter “GS”): The communist revolution was developed to spread a certain ideology to the rest of the world, and conducted as an ideological battle.

Maybe in a way, it was also a religious movement, but it was a religion created by the Devil. Translated into politics, the religion created by the Devil turned into communism.

In essence, it was also a movement that combined religion and politics. The movement tried to spread the ideas of the Devil and actively strove to implement a communist political system. The Devil was active on both fronts.

A movement ruled by God and Buddha also needs both the religious and political aspect to win the struggle against such powerful forces. That’s how I feel about it.


The Three Reasons Ryuho Okawa Was Incarnated in Japan

– With this mission in mind, you were incarnated in Japan. Why did you choose Japan for your current incarnation?


・Seeking Justice – The White Man’s Colonial Rule

GS: One of my plans is to bring justice into world history. Colonial imperialism based on white supremacy had continued for over 500 years. Even now the details of this horrible history have not been thoroughly revealed. But if the truth about the dominance of whites were written in textbooks and other historical records, it would be found to be extremely gruesome.

Europeans cruelly turned African countries into colonies and made black people their slaves. The Americans sold black people and other people of color like cattle. If you think God or Buddha would allow this to happen, you are mistaken.

So, one of my plans is to correct mistakes made by white people during their colonial rule.


・The Fight Against Communism and the Revolution in the Islamic World

Another plan I have in mind is to fight against China and Russia, which, in the name of communism, is spreading godless materialism and trying to push back God or Buddha. A revolution in the Islamic world is also on my agenda.

1400 years ago I sent Muhammad to earth and had him convey my words to people. He founded a new religion, Islam. The teachings of Islam have deeply influenced both politics and economy, which has enabled a lot of problems to be solved. Now Islam needs to be improved and I think it is time for its teachings to be completely reviewed.

Considering those three points, it can be concluded that Japan is the best place to accomplish these tasks.

– Thank you very much.


Starting His Life as a Religious Leader Was Not an Option From the Beginning

– Let me proceed to ask further questions.

Master Ryuho Okawa was born in Kawashima Town (now: Yoshinogawa), Tokushima Prefecture, a rural town far from Tokyo, the political and economic hub of Japan.

He worked very hard and made it into Tokyo University. After graduation, he joined a major Japanese trading house.

It does not seem that he walked straight on the path to becoming a religious leader. Can you tell us why he took such a roundabout path?

GS: First, let me answer the question, “Why didn’t I choose to start my life as a religious leader.” I wanted him to avoid being influenced by some existing traditional religion or new cults, because I was concerned that he might adhere to the teachings and the methods of spiritual training of the religion he would adhere to.

It is hard for people to go beyond what they have learned. So if he had been born into a Buddhist temple of a certain sect and learned the teachings of the sect, and then founded his own religion, he would have followed in the same footsteps as the religious sect he belonged to. This kind of path would have made it impossible for him to create a new world religion and reach the level of influence I had in mind.

Therefore, starting his life as a religious leader was not an option from the beginning.


Make Your Own Effort

GS: I chose for him to be born in the town, not in the city. He lived just like ordinary people, and entered into religion after having worked in a different profession. This is because I wanted him to learn the law of causality, or the spirit of self-help, one of the important teachings of Happy Science.

If he had been born into a kind of family akin to that of former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, no matter how hard he tried to teach the importance of the spirit of self-help, it would not be very convincing.

I thought it would be necessary for him to realize the importance of self-help efforts through his own experiences, and this is what God or Buddha expects for people.

The world population is now growing to 100 billion from the current 7 billion. If so many people do not make this effort on their own, but think only about seeking help from their governments, the UN, or the international community, no matter how hard one strives to save many people, it becomes quite difficult.

You must do the work yourself. You have to make the trip on your own two feet and catch the fish with your own net. You have to till the land with your own hoe and cultivate your own food. We must not forget that this is our duty as human beings; so I wanted him to be able to learn and teach this lesson.

Generally, society is built on each individual’s effort. Thus it is important in a society that values self-reliance, that competent people are selected fairly as leaders. It is also important to have compassion and reach out to those who cannot help themselves.


“Good Intentions” Working Against Those Who Could Help Themselves

GS: However today the media and political parties that are only concerned about votes are trying to expand measures designed to save those who cannot help themselves to include those who can help themselves.

This is apparently well intentioned, but in many cases, this will lead to ruining people.

This is not in accordance to the will of God or Buddha.

When communism is at its worst, everybody is equally poor. Today we are seeing a troubling form of “liberalism”, which embraces the illusion that it can create a wealthy communist society. However, if the media and politicians try to take away the wealth accumulated by those who work hard using their wisdom in the capitalist society, and redistribute it to the poor, this could result in more and more people choosing not to work. Although they may think they are doing this out of compassion, the result would lead people astray.

God doesn’t only have kind side. Learn to do things yourself: do the walking yourself, do the running yourself, carry the heavy bags yourself, do your own studying, till your own land, and catch your own fish. Never forget that this is how it should be.


The Power of the Self and Outside Power – Two Powers Taught by the “Light of Asia”

– I have one more significant question for you.

I think we can imagine the answer to this after talking to you for over an hour now, but may I ask whom Master Ryuho Okawa’s guardian spirit really is? Who are you? Who is this spirit that has decided to teach the lesson of making one’s own effort to the world, to illuminate Truth on earth, including high political ideals?

GS: Before I answer this question, I would like to add something to what you just said.

I said that making one’s own effort is important, but this does not mean that you should deny “outside power? Categorically. If you only teach the spirit of self-help, this will likely produce people who have no faith.

Faith is another aspect that must not be forgotten. It should be remembered that you must not lose faith as a result of your effort. The teaching of self-effort does not mean you should live out your life with only your earthly ability and talent. Please keep this in mind.

Your effort accounts for 70-80% of what is required to achieve your goal. But you also have to believe that outside power, that is the power of God or Buddha in Heaven, and the power of the angels or bodhisattvas, is working to help you.

However, I want to reiterate that there is a danger that people’s belief in “outside power” can change into wrong ideas without knowing it. If people begin to think, “the government will take care of us,” or “big, successful businesses should pay for everything,” they will go wrong.

This is the relationship between “power of the self” and “outside power”.

Only one person could teach this in the past.

He is known as the “Light of Asia”, and I think all followers of Happy Science know who he is.

– Thank you very much.

– Gautama Buddha – Thank you very much!

Messages from Ryuho Okawa’s Guardian Spirit:
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