Press Coverage of Fukushima Misleading – Japan is Safe

Question: We hear about radiation readings every day, and mothers put their heads together and worry about what impact it might have on their children. What can I tell them to make them feel safe?


When there is a flu going around in Japan, some people are going to get it and others aren’t. Susceptible people get sick. People who keep smiling are tougher to get infected. The virus avoids them.
Of course there might be people who get sick from radiation, but that kind of people might get sick from other reasons. The only difference is what gets them – a virus, radiation, or something else entirely. What matters is not to leave any openings, to keep mind and body radiant with healthy energy. You have probably heard of the famous “Law of Attraction”. As this concept suggests, I believe it is important to concentrate on not attracting bad things but good things.

In other words, if your mind is thinking negative thoughts, it is easy to get sick from radiation. It is better not to attract such results. If you do the opposite and keep your mind bright and radiant, sickness will bounce right off you. I think this is the easiest way of putting it.

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Press Coverage of Fukushima Misleading – Japan is Safe
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