Press Coverage of Fukushima Misleading – Japan is Safe

“National Crisis – Part 2” – The Dangers in Prime Minister Kan’s Left Wing Crisis Management

The Kan administration is turning Tokyo Electric Power Company into a scapegoat, clamoring for its nationalization. Nationalization as opposed to privatization – a typical left wing agenda. Using the disaster in Fukushima Prefecture and along the north-eastern shoreline as an excuse, Kan’s government wants to drive up consumption tax rates to between 10% and as much as 20%. With less electricity, production suffers, consumption suffers, sales suffer, and income suffers. If taxes are raised, the economy is likely to deteriorate even further. The vicious circle will continue.

Many call prime minister Kan a crook, and one thing is clear: if we let him continue what he is doing for too long, there is a possibility that all nuclear reactors in Japan are going to disappear. Nearly 30% of Japan’s power comes from nuclear reactors, a low cost energy source. If we try to go back to thermal power, factories’ production costs will go up, prices will go up, and goods will become hard to sell at an even faster rate.

Crude oil imported from the Middle East comes to us via the coast off Taiwan, and the Chinese navy is increasingly flexing its muscle. If we really try to use more thermal energy again and import crude oil by sea, (considering the possibility that China could cut off the path), Part 2 of our National Crisis (3) is increasingly likely to occur.

Unfortunately, looking at it from a global point of view, the death god seems to be getting stronger. Japan was struck by an earth quake, a tsunami, and a nuclear disaster. The United States have been hit by the most severe hurricane in the past few decades. China has experienced droughts. In Germany people have died from eating cucumbers. Africa is still struggling with the war in Libya, and the president of Yemen was hit by a bomb. Wherever you look, many places in the world have suffered great shocks.

The Light of God has the Power to Deflect Radiation

But this does not mean we can just get lost in a world of darkness. I want to see more light shine all over the world. We need to stop emitting dark thoughts, imagining a dark future, and nurturing the illusion that everything around us is going to shambles.

If you believe in the influence of invisible radiation, then you have every reason to believe in the power of God, and in the existence of divine light. Divine light is the energy at the root of creation. There is nothing more powerful than that. I want you to direct your thoughts strongly towards the following idea: “I am a believer. Divine light, light of God, come and protect me. Deflect anything that could do me harm.” The light of God possesses unequaled strength. Believe me when I say it is powerful enough to deflect radiation.

Japan and the world are looking towards Fukushima, and the way the people of Fukushima are going to handle their lives from now on will serve as an important example for Japan and the world. We can learn from it. Of course I also give you my opinion on the political and economical aspects of this, but the basic principle is that you should not entrust your happiness or unhappiness to others. Find the factors in your environment that can help you move towards where you ideally want to be and realize your vision. Happiness can be obtained in any environment. I want you to do what you can to return things to normal here as soon as possible.

(3)The Happiness Realization Party that came out of Happy Science, appealed widely to the citizens of Japan during and after the Lower House elections 2009 (during Hatoyama’s Democratic government) that Japan’s national security was at risk.
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Press Coverage of Fukushima Misleading – Japan is Safe
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