Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
The conflict between Muhammad and Michael

2011 was a year of remarkable movement in the long-running Palestinian issue. In September Palestine applied for UN membership. Because the US, which has a close relationship with Israel, is declaring that it will veto the application at the UN Security Council, it will not be possible for Palestine to become a member this time. However, the application was received, and the US, Russia, the EU and the UN started talks to stimulate the resumption of peace negotiations, which are pivotal to Israel and Palestine reaching an agreement by the end of 2012. There is the view that the time has come to enter fruitful negotiations for the realization of a Palestinian state.

The Liberty is not siding with either Palestine or Israel in the Palestinian issue and hopes that realistic peace progresses for both parties. However, religious conflict between Muslims and Jews is at the root of the Palestinian issue. Our magazine believes that knowing the spiritual facts behind this conflict is instrumental in the understanding of both parties and in fundamental reconciliation. With that, this is the views of Happy Science’s Master Ryuho Okawa.

Since having his spiritual epiphany in 1981, Master Okawa has been using his spiritual powers and freely communicating with inhabitants of the spirit world daily. His main partners in these exchanges are souls who were great historical figures from around the globe but have already departed this world and are currently continuing their activities in the spirit world. The content of their exchanges with Master Okawa have been made public through the Master’s works (close to 800 in total) in Japan. These works are frequently advertised in Japan’s major newspapers and are socially recognized. Their content is gaining authority and influence even within Japan’s political and industrial circles.

In December 2008, right after Israel was attacking Gaza strip, Master Okawa contacted several high level souls behind this battle and asked them what they were thinking. Below is the content in which Master Okawa summoned and talked with the soul of the Prophet Muhammad (The Laws of Salvation by Ryuho Okawa).

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Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
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