No More Lies from the Government!

Japan needs to regain its confidence and start contributing to the world

If you look at this excerpt from the July 2010 lecture, you will understand that the fear mongering about the state of the Japanese economy is not based on facts.

At Happy Science Group (Happy Science Religious Organization, IRH Press and Happiness Realization Party) we believe that the people of Japan need to get a grasp of the actual situation and become more confident about Japan’s economic prowess and untapped potential. The people of Japan who have risen from the ruins of a lost World War Ⅱ and built Japan into the flourishing economy it is today need to discover the spirit expressed in the phrase “nobless oblige” (that is, “with wealth, power, and prestige come responsibilities”), and take on responsibility to help countries around the world including developing countries. It is our duty to help them flourish economically and strive towards a bright future together with other nations.

Therefore, the people of Japan need to be told the truth about their financial situation. Although in a way it makes us lose face to publicize the fact that Japan’s government is being dishonest in English, our objective is worldwide economic development, and it is in our interest that foreign media are in the know and contribute their own research concerning this issue.

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No More Lies from the Government!
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