The Existence of a Speed Faster Than That of Light Was Foreseen

The existence of a speed faster than that of light was foreseen

The future of science is to be found in the world of faith

The results of an experiment announced in September 2011 that subatomic particles called neutrinos travel faster than light have shaken the foundations of modern physics. The OPERA experiment, a collaboration of eleven countries from Europe plus Japan (including a team from Nagoya University), confirmed that neutrinos emanating from the CERN laboratory in Switzerland travelled underground, arriving at a laboratory in Italy 730km away 60 nanoseconds (one-hundred-millionths of six seconds) faster than light. This is 0.00025%, or 6km/second, faster than the speed of light.

These results contradict Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that “the speed of motion of objects cannot exceed that of the speed of light”. There have also been words of caution accompanying the results, which rock the theory that has been undisputed for over 100 years, with a paper stating, “the group’s calculations do not take into account one aspect of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity: that slight differences in the force of gravity at the two sites would cause the clocks to tick at different rates.” also being published (Nature News). The OPERA experiment team is currently in the midst of scrutinizing the content of this paper.

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The Existence of a Speed Faster Than That of Light Was Foreseen
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