Exclusive Report: Prime Minister Noda’s True Colors

A Revolutionary Method of Journalism:”Interview with a Guardian Spirit”

Usually, a journalist who wants to give insight into a politician’s mind has two ways to get information. One is attending a public event or a press conference with the politician, and basing the report on its content. The other is to meet the politician individually, interview him, and base the report on the content of the conversation. The latter results in original content, which, of course, increases the value of the report. To what extent the journalist can capture the truth behind a politician’s cunning words, however, depends on factors like the journalist’s competence, and the depth of the relationship between interviewer and interviewee.

This is where the third method comes in – which can doubtlessly capture the politician’s true colors most faithfully. At present, only Happy Science has the means to employ this method called “interview with a guardian spirit”. It uses spiritual channelling, calls upon the politician’s guardian spirit (in psychological terms, part of his subconscious), and allows this spirit to speak freely and answer questions using the body of Master Ryuho Okawa as a medium – in this way, the person is unable to tell lies, and his true colors can be brought to the fore.

The reason Happy Science is able to employ this method is that Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual power is at the height of what human beings can achieve, surpassing even the spiritual greatness of religious leaders like Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. Since 2009 Master Ryuho has used this method to access the subconscious minds of former prime minister Yukio Hatoyama, the last prime minister Naoto Kan, chief cabinet secretary (of the Kan cabinet) Yoshito Sengoku, and former head of the Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa to name only those alive today. He has heard their true thoughts and published the results in book form for everyone to read. His books have been advertised in major Japanese newspapers and embraced widely as trustworthy sources of information. Master Okawa has also conducted guardian spirit interviews in front of large audiences. These events were recorded, and the footage is publicly available.

As the Japanese media are supposedly dominated by scientifically-oriented thought patterns, they would never publish data obtained from spiritual methods. In reality, however, they can no longer ignore the information Master Okawa has gathered using his spiritual faculties, and are using them as a major source of information (anybody who has been to Japan before is probably aware that in Japan, we have ‘tatemae’, which is the front people put up when they communicate publicly, and ‘honne’, which refers to their true nature hidden behind this front). Many Diet members read Master Okawa’s books about interviews with guardian spirits – and his writings are beginning to have an impact on the world of politics in Japan. This is super media – a source from another dimension! To them, the informational value of this material is enormous.

Quoted below is the interview with the guardian spirit of Yoshihiko Noda recorded August 30th 2011 at the Happy Science Head Quarters in Tokyo. Noda had been elected head of the Democratic Party on August 29th, the day before this recording. In this interview, he tells us the truth about his plans for Japan’s future. The guardian spirit of prime minister Noda is speaking through Master Okawa. The interviewers are Jiro Ayaori, editor in chief of ‘The Liberty’, and Shugaku Tsuiki, head of the Happiness Realization Party.

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Exclusive Report: Prime Minister Noda’s True Colors
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